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The Perils of Theologizing Human Culture

What does a completely divinized culture look like? Will everyone pray the Divine Office? Will they go to Mass daily? What liturgy will be celebrated?  What clothes would be acceptable to wear in everyday life? The idea of a culture rooted in Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, is inherently attractive. United together in faith, we can leave our human sinful ways behind along with all the trappings. We can shed...


Worshipping Priests, not Warrior Priests: Response to Fr Dwight

[UPDATE: Please see Fr Dwight’s comment below. Given Fr Dwight’s expression of good faith, including additional clarification in his original blog, I have removed the corresponding sentences from my original critique.] When Martin Luther and early Protestant Reformers set about reforming Christianity, the first thing they did was de-emphasize both the Eucharist and the sacramental priesthood. Priests became preachers. Fiery sermons replaced celebration of the Eucharist as the focal point of public worship.”Thus it is...