Category: Traditionis Custodes

News and commentary on Pope Francis’s motu proprio Traditionis Custodes of July 16, 2021, which established guidelines for the celebration of Mass according to the Tridentine rite, using the Roman Missal of 1962 and abrogated Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum.

Traditionalist Gaslighting Part 1: The Una Voce Movement

These days the term “gaslighting,” meaning the emotional manipulation of someone that causes them to question their sense of reality, is frequently used in the context of the news media and interpersonal and organizational dynamics. The word comes from the...

A different religion?

“It seems as though we aren’t even part of the same religion.” Sometimes saying a thing enough times does make it true, and in his public response to Traditionis Custodes in a New York Times op-ed, Michael Brendan Dougherty makes...