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Faith, Science, and Trust

A Scripture reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter, April 24, 2022 – Divine Mercy Sunday. Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed. (John 20:29) At first glance, this verse sounds like a trite caricature of religious...

Grief and Hope: A Pro-Life Message

My son was due to be born this week. For a few months now, I’ve been driving by the cemetery where we buried him, occasionally visiting him, each time a reminder of that life that was and could have been....

How vast the Father’s love for us

The picture on the top of this article is one of my favorite religious images. It’s an icon of the resurrection, specifically, of Jesus’ descent into “the place of the dead.” This is the event we remember every time we...

The Glorious Mysteries with Pope Francis

The Glorious Mysteries 1 – The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ From Easter Homily (April 16, 2017): With one voice, in every part of the world, we proclaim the great message: ‘The Lord is truly risen, as he said!’