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Talking WPI with Mark Shea

Last night, I was a guest on Mark Shea’s radio show, Catholic and Enjoying It!, where we discussed Where Peter Is and the polarization over Pope Francis in the Catholic Church. Topics included the origins of the site, the Amoris Laetitia controversy, and the relentless media attacks against the Holy Father. Click below to listen!   Read Mark’s blog by clicking here!   Image: Pixabay Mike LewisMike Lewis is a writer and graphic designer from Maryland, having...

How sedevacantist are critics of Pope Francis?

How sedevacantist are critics of Pope Francis?

I noticed something curious. I was reading the latest jeremiad against Pope Francis in a once mainstream Latin traditionalist publication. In its concluding paragraphs, the author referred to the pontificates of John Paul II and Paul VI. That is, the author referred to these men by their chosen papal names. In contrast, the same author in the same concluding paragraphs referred to the current successor of St Peter as “Pope Bergoglio” and “Bergoglio”. Referring to the...