Last night, I was a guest on Mark Shea’s radio showCatholic and Enjoying It!, where we discussed Where Peter Is and the polarization over Pope Francis in the Catholic Church.

Topics included the origins of the site, the Amoris Laetitia controversy, and the relentless media attacks against the Holy Father.

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Mike Lewis is a writer and graphic designer from Maryland, having worked for many years in Catholic publishing. He's a husband, father of four, and a lifelong Catholic. He's active in his parish and community. He is the founding managing editor for Where Peter Is.

Talking WPI with Mark Shea

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  1. Christopher Lake says:


    Over the past month or so, life has been busier for me on some fronts, and I haven’t spent as much time reading and commenting at WPI, but I noticed the posting of this interview today and specifically set aside the time to listen while eating an early dinner. It was a very good choice! This is a great interview– engaging, informative, encouraging, and, for me, in many ways, surprisingly funny! I laughed so many times while listening, and that was not what I had expected, but it was very welcome! 🙂

    Part of what I mean by the unexpected hilarity in the interview is that when I, personally, think about the increasing numbers of anti-Pope Francis voices within the Church today, among many of the “professional Catholic media people,” and among some vocal members of the clergy, *and* among, sadly, more and more everyday lay Catholics (who are being terribly misinformed by certain Catholic websites)…. well, I admit that I can get discouraged, even melancholic, about it all. One might even say that over the last year or so, at times, here and there, I have allowed a creeping discouragement and melancholy over the anti-Francis “movement” in the Church to unduly hamper the joy, peace, and strength that I should have in my own walk of faith in Christ as a Catholic. (Peter Aiello, please, before you even start, please don’t reply to this comment with your selective quotations of Scripture and “Lumen Gentium!” I already know that I can and should have more joy and peace in the Holy Spirit, and I’m aware of how, and where, Scripture and other Church documents tell me that I can find them!)

    I shouldn’t allow the “anti-Francis movement” to discourage me as much as I sometimes do, but I admit that it is a struggle. It can be quite difficult, for example, as a Francis-loving Catholic, when one is part of an in-person Catholic discussion group, and people are openly dissenting from Pope Francis’s teaching and extolling Vigano as a courageous hero of the faith! To be clear, I love my Catholic friends who *truly believe* that they are doing the right thing by opposing Pope Francis. I think that they are seriously misinformed and misguided, but I do love them– and it is partially because of that love for them that I feel deeply sad when I hear them opposing him and “siding,” basically with his virulent critics in Catholic media and among the clergy.

    Back to your interview with Mark Shea though– it really helped me, partially by providing many moments of laughter, and helping me to remember that, as objectively sad as it is to even have an “anti-Pope-Francis movement” among Catholics, there is, in a real way, something absurd and hilarious about that movement, especially when it gets into conspiracy theories, which it almost can’t help but do, by the ridiculous nature of the movement itself! 🙂

    Sometimes, I truly do have to laugh at the lengths people will go to in criticizing Pope Francis and setting themselves up as arbiters of “true, traditional Catholicism!” A little more than a year ago, a “Catholic-curious” Protestant friend of mine actually accused me of “defending Pope Francis to the point of absurdity!” This man was not even (yet) a Catholic, yet he had already decided that the Pope wasn’t faithfully representing Catholicism, and that I was being ridiculous, as a lay Catholic, in defending the Pope! Now, I don’t care *who* you are– that, right there, is funny! 🙂

    Thanks again, Mike and all who contribute here, for the mission and content of WPI. I am truly grateful to God for all of you. This website helps to punch a big hole (in a very good way!) through my discouragement and melancholy about “anti-Francis Catholicism” and it truly helps the light and joy of Christ to come shining through, more and more, into my life. That is no small thing– and i don’t think that I’m alone, at all, in having that (repeated) experience!

  2. jong says:

    Thanks for the podcast, it’s good to hear how WPI started and I can see how the Holy Spirit moves to establish this good catholic site on a very crucial and timely purpose to defend the Church united to the Vicar of Christ.
    I hope & pray that God provision will be given upon this channel to air “youtube” like discussion like Dr.Marshall and other Rad Trads Channels. We need to combat the synchronized uploading of topic criticizing the Vatican II Church esp. attacking the dignity of Pope Francis and working like the described Council of Media that Pope Benedict XVI identified that is undermining the Vatican II Church mission.
    I hope WPI expand it’s mission on youtube to better defend Pope Francis dignity visibly and audibly. I think the Wisdom of WPI writers stands out over the numerous Rad Trads channel and I think you can reach out more to other confused catholics by adapting a discussion forum in youtube. My Jesus mercy. S&IHMMP4us.Amen

    • Mike Lewis says:

      We are definitely discussing it! Thanks for the kind words.

      • jong says:

        Dear Mike,
        I hope if God’s Providence bless your mission to go on a discussion forum, a good resource person is Ron Conte who had written a very strong and clear perspective on the errors of the Rad Trads particularly the Filial Correctio & Dubia Cardinals.
        here’s the link on his site…
        God bless. S&IHMMP4us.Amen

  3. Marie says:

    Great job Mike! Keep it up! We need you guys who are so calm, kind and informed!

  4. Pete Vickery says:

    Both you guys are great. Some people think Mark is too rough around the edges but not me. I remember Saint Paul wishing his enemies would castrate themselves. One can have a strong temper while simultaneously having a good heart. The story of how WPI came together is very encouraging as well as the positive encounters you guys have had with Pope Francis. God bless all of you.

  5. Ralph says:

    Great interview. I liked the point about Catholicism being a religion for everybody. I have seen the term “here comes everybody” applied to Catholicism and other Christian denominations, although sometimes in a derogatory way. I think there are some Catholics and other Christians who want to limit Christianity to people they see as “serious” Christians. They are the types to constantly complain about lukewarm Christians and pew-warmers.

    Without making excuses for lukewarm belief and practice, this attitude seems antithetical to Jesus’s own ministry. Jesus went out among the worst sinners of His society and embraced them while also preaching against sin. The desire to turn the church into an exclusive club for the supposedly most serious Christians strikes me as very anti-Christian.

  6. Jim the Scott says:

    I can’t say anything about Mark Shea without cruel insult. But I will make a heroic effort. He is in effect the reverse Skojec and reverse Lifesite.
    He ruined the torture debate by sheding nothing but heat and absolutely no light. On the Death Penalty forget it. He can’t have a single civilized conversation with anybody he disagrees with. I have long since given up.

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