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Liberalism and the Church’s Response: New Podcast Episode

In this episode of Peter’s Field Hospital, I had a fascinating discussion with DW Lafferty and Dan Amiri about the relationship between the Church and Liberalism. Both recently wrote on how the Church should respond to liberalism (a term that...


Hope vs the Prophets of Doom: New Episode Of Peter’s Field Hospital

In this episode of Peter’s Field Hospital, I’m joined by Dan Amiri and DW Lafferty to discuss Pope Francis’s message of hope in contrast to conspiracy theorists who lead the faithful astray, and we discuss the impact of prophets of...

Did Amoris Laetitia open the door to contraception coverage at Notre Dame?

In February of this year, Fr. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President of the University of Notre Dame, wrote a letter explaining that after years of fighting in court, and even after being granted an exemption by the federal government under...

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