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What goes on inside the Vatican walls?

This week, Inside the Vatican, a documentary produced by the BBC aired on PBS (it aired in Great Britain before Christmas). The review for US Catholic describes it as “offering tantalizing peeks into spaces no tourist can access and revealing...


The Outsider: The Story of an Embattled Pope

Book review of Pope Francis and His Battle to Reform the Church Christopher Lamb Orbis Books   Of all the books I’ve read about the Francis pontificate — for, against or neutral — Christopher Lamb’s latest contribution was certainly the...


Peter’s Field Hospital: Interview with Christopher Lamb

In this special edition of Peter’s Field Hospital, Dan Amiri and I interview The Tablet‘s veteran Vatican correspondent Christopher Lamb about the ongoing resistance to Pope Francis from Catholic media and within the Church. Lamb’s new book, The Outsider: Pope...


Birmingham’s new shepherd and the challenge of EWTN

Today the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Robert Baker of Birmingham, Alabama, and has appointed Bishop Steven Raica, bishop of the diocese of Gaylord, Michigan, to replace him. Typically, the transfer of a bishop...

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