Author: Daniele Palmer

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National populist org behind traditionalist opposition to Pope Francis

Now that the dust has settled after the Vatican’s summit on the Amazon, one unlikely result has been the surfacing of the connection between Pope Francis’ most avid traditionalist opposers and a broader organized network that has the aim of disseminating a particular brand of national populism. Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), a group that originated during Brazil’s dictatorial regime and is known for its far-right attacks on “progressive” politics and nationalist defense of traditions,...

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O influencer de Bolsonaro que tenta interferir no sínodo

Um youtuber e influenciador digital que tem recebido o apoio de Bolsonaro surgiu recentemente como protagonista dos ataques da mídia conservadora ao sínodo da Amazônia. Bernardo Küster, católico tradicionalista e abertamente crítico ao Papa Francisco, é um jornalista brasileiro, dono de uma livraria em Campinas/SP, e que se valeu do sínodo da Amazônia como plataforma para expandir sua influência. Não que ele precise de mais exposição. Küster, que tem pouco mais de trinta anos de...

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The Bolsonaro influencer seeking to sway the synod

[UPDATED OCTOBER 30: More signs of an Anti-Francis alliance between Küster and TFP with English-speaking papal detractors emerge: On October 29, two days after the synod came to a close, Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register was seen having dinner with Küster on in a restaurant in Rome. This highlights the professional and social ties between the Brazilian social media influencer and portions of the Catholic media world, pointing to the involvement of nationalist...