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Why we do what we do

Back in 2017, when I began planning this website, many of my fellow Pope Francis-supporting friends weren’t entirely enthusiastic about my idea. After all, why should I give any attention at all to the pope’s detractors? Doing so, they asserted, would give credence to their claims and conspiracy theories, as well as their faulty understanding of the Magisterium and papal primacy. Wouldn’t it be better to simply ignore them and let them fade away into...


Looking forward to June at WPI

Thank you to all our readers and supporters for a great month of May. We’ve continued our growth and continued to expand our reach. It has been a joy and a privilege to support the Church and Pope Francis through our website. This month, we plan to make a major site upgrade and we have finally activated our Twitter account (@where_peter_is). We will be posting all of our new content and other interesting links and...