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With You, Always

A reflection on the readings for Sunday, May 21, 2023, The Ascension of the Lord. I have a letter here with me, written by my mother on August 10, 1992. I had been in the seminary for nine years and...

Ascension via Kenosis

In worldly terms, ascension connotes a promotion or a rise in status. Society encourages us to ascend corporate and social ladders in order to enrich our lives with more opportunity, more money, and more prestige. In Christian terms, however, Jesus...

The Glorious Mysteries with Pope Francis

The Glorious Mysteries 1 – The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ From Easter Homily (April 16, 2017): With one voice, in every part of the world, we proclaim the great message: ‘The Lord is truly risen, as he said!’