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Unpacking Dei Verbum

In this series, theologian Adam Rasmussen systematically unpacks Dei Verbum, the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, from the Second Vatican Council, promulgated by Pope Paul VI on 18 November 1965.

“Dei verbum” is Latin for “Word of God” and is taken from the first line of the document. The focus of the document is on the essential role of Divine Revelation in the life of the Church. The introduction of the document explains, “this present council wishes to set forth authentic doctrine on divine revelation and how it is handed on, so that by hearing the message of salvation the whole world may believe, by believing it may hope, and by hoping it may love.”

In each installment, Rasmussen assists readers in their understanding an aspect of Dei Verbum, gives essential background to its teachings (including the controversies and debates leading up to the final document), and gives examples of how and where the teachings of Dei Verbum are applied.