This week, Inside the Vatican, a documentary produced by the BBC aired on PBS (it aired in Great Britain before Christmas). The review for US Catholic describes it as “offering tantalizing peeks into spaces no tourist can access and revealing the everyday work life for some of the 2,600 people working in the independent city-state.”

Catholic News Service reported on how the film was conceived and produced:

The film crew spent about 40 days filming in the Vatican and environs, according to [Executive Producer Nick Kent]. “It’s more like making a natural history documentary more than journalism,” he said. “The joy of making a documentary is you never know how it’s going to turn out.”

This film is compelling in how it focuses on the roles, big and small, of those who work inside the Vatican: from cooks to construction workers, from lay bureaucrats to cardinals. One of the figures prominently featured is our friend Christopher Lamb, author of The Outsider and Vatican correspondent for The Tablet. (Click here to listen to his recent appearance on our podcast.)

You can watch it online here:

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