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Best of WPI, Year 1: Book and Film reviews

In our first year, we have been fortunate to review a number of books and films, either directly or tangentially related to Pope Francis and his message. Dan Amiri has done the heavy lifting in this area, while Pedro Gabriel has offered his reflections on two very interesting films. Today, we’d like to highlight them again. Wenders: A Pope for the Fringes   Dan Amiri reviews Wim Wenders’ film on Pope Francis. In his review,...


Confusion – now about hell – is the hallmark of Phil Lawler

In an online article he published yesterday, Phil Lawler claims that Pope Francis is causing confusion over hell. Here is Lawler’s exact quote: Pope Francis cannot deny the existence of hell without directly contradicting the teaching of the Church. But he can create confusion, and he has done so once again. Did he deny, or at least question, the existence of hell? We don’t know. Actually, thanks to Google, we do know! A quick Google search...