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The Outsider: The Story of an Embattled Pope

Book review of Pope Francis and His Battle to Reform the Church Christopher Lamb Orbis Books   Of all the books I’ve read about the Francis pontificate — for, against or neutral — Christopher Lamb’s latest contribution was certainly the...

Image Credit: Osservatore Romano

Ivereigh’s Wounded Shepherd: Revealing the essence of this papacy

Life is not simply a bare succession of events, but a history, a story waiting to be told through the choice of an interpretative lens that can select and gather the most relevant data. In and of itself, reality has...

Book Review: Sunday Will Never Be the Same

Dawn Eden Goldstein’s new book, Sunday Will Never Be the Same, is a captivating work of storytelling, but you would miss the point if you thought it was just her story. Sure, Goldstein recounts her life’s trajectory with evocative vignettes....

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