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The Marian Apocalypse Now: Part 2

In the first installment of my look at Marian apocalypticism I focused on the foundational ideas that underlie both its traditionalist and its charismatic variants. In the next two installments, I will cover the history of traditionalist Marian apocalypticism and...


Hope vs the Prophets of Doom: New Episode Of Peter’s Field Hospital

In this episode of Peter’s Field Hospital, I’m joined by Dan Amiri and DW Lafferty to discuss Pope Francis’s message of hope in contrast to conspiracy theorists who lead the faithful astray, and we discuss the impact of prophets of...

Truth and Myth

In my post on “Tribalist Catholicism,” I mentioned, in passing, the French political theorist Georges Sorel (1847-1922). As a follow-up, I’d like to say something more about Sorel, whose thought is particularly useful for understanding this moment in the Church...

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