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  1. Avatar Kathy says:

    Yes, we need to transcend our left/right thinking. It is a very big part of American life and most disturbing when seen in American Catholics, particularly the clergy and so called Catholic television networks.

  2. Avatar chris dorf says:

    Thank you for writing this.
    When a Catholic both is involved being pro-life thru sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics or praying in front of Planned Parenthood, AND helping the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker houses or supporting Cardinal Bernadine’s ‘Consistent Life Ethic’, one has made opponents from both sides. Pope Francis is getting a dose of that these days.
    Thanks once more for the essay.
    chris dorf

  3. Avatar Yaya says:

    I am pro-life from conception to death. Why is that such a controversy?

    I don’t get it …

    • Avatar Marthe Lépine says:

      Apparently, some are starting from the truism “if you are not alive, nothing else is going to help you” in order to only support the beginning of life, while apparently hoping that all other kinds of deaths could wait until abortion is eradicated. But… if the mothers’ lives did not count, abortion would not be an issue either, since those mothers would not be alive either…

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