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The private secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict denies reports which claim that Benedict confirmed the reports of former Vatican diplomat Vigano.

The claim that the former pope confirmed the reports is devoid of any truth and has no basis in reality.

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, private secretary of Benedict XVI, has rejected the claim that the former pope confirmed the accusations of former Vatican diplomat Carlo Vigano.

“Pope Benedict has not commented on Archbishop Vigano’s ‘Testimony,’ nor will he,” Gänswein told this publication [Tagespost]. The claim that the former pope confirmed the statements is completely devoid of truth. Says Gänswein: “Fake news.”

The Archbishop refers to a report from the New York Times, in which Timothy Busch, a member [of the board of governors] of the American news channel EWTN, is quoted. According to that report, the Pope Emeritus confirmed the accusations that Vigano had raised.

Archbishop Vigano claimed that Pope Francis as well as several other high-ranking Vatican officials knew about the accusations of misconduct against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick since 2013. A former nunciature advisor also confirmed the claims.

According to Vigano’s accusations, Benedict laid sanctions on McCarrick after he learned of his sexual misconduct, but these were lifted by Pope Francis. In addition, he [Francis] appointed McCarrick his “personal advisor.” Up to this point, Francis has been unwilling to comment on the accusations.

-translation by Savannah Dantona

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