Author: Nate Tinner-Williams


The Rest of My Life: Before and After Conversion

As I reflected today on my upcoming move to be nearer to most of my family and to some of my roots, I have had a strong feeling of denouement. Sixteen months ago, I went looking for Jesus’ Church in San Francisco, and somehow I found it in Rome. Now it feels like I’m beginning the rest of my life, tying up loose ends and living the life I was always meant to live. The...


Catholicism at the Intersection of Blackness and Self-Discovery

“To be Christian is to be Catholic.” I’m sure there was a time when this was uncontroversially true. Perhaps not now, but it’s a considerable thought to ponder. Even today, to be Christian is to be inextricably linked to Catholicism, like it or not. Historically, theologically, geographically, ministerially, even adversarially—however you slice it, the Christian’s roots are somehow in the Councils, in the Creeds, and in the Catholic (“universal” or “all-encompassing”) Christian faith. But in...