I was asked to give a talk about Pope Francis at the Catholic Information Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While I’m only one member of the WPI team and this isn’t an official WPI event, I wanted to let you all know about this event and extend an invitation to any faithful readers in the West Michigan area.

The talk is on Sunday, July 21st (3:00pm- 5:15pm, Mass to follow) and the title is:

Transformed by Grace: Pope Francis & Everyday Holiness

Here’s the brief description.

Growing in holiness is often talked about in terms of things we need to do, whether that’s praying more or overcoming habitual sin, if we just work really hard then we will be holy. However, this is a false view of holiness that undermines the amazing work of grace and the Holy Spirit. This talk will draw from Pope Francis’ teaching to show how holiness is really about God transforming us into Himself throughout our daily life.

You can find more information and registration here.

And here are some of the articles I’ve written about Gaudete et Exsultate and Pope Francis’ teaching on grace if you want a preview of what I’ll be speaking about…

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Paul Fahey is a husband, father of four, parish director of religious education, and co-founder of Where Peter Is.  He can be found at his website, Rejoice and be Glad: Catholicism in the Pope Francis Generation

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