In my June 7 post, “The Redpilled Pope of the Qatholic Church?”, I reported on what I described as “the inevitable public merging of Viganoite Catholicism with the MAGA movement.” Archbishop Viganò’s June 6 letter to Trump, which uses language echoing that of the followers of the conspiracy theory and MAGA pseudo-religion known as QAnon, had been linked to in a “Q-drop” (or post from the anonymous “Q”). Viganò cast the line, and Q took the bait.

Since then, much has happened. It turned out Viganò also succeeded in hooking a much bigger fish:

We’ve also seen Q post Viganò’s entire letter across two Q-drops, and General Michael Flynn—a QAnon hero who has publicly signaled his support for QAnon in some not-so-subtle ways—recently wrote an article for The Western Journal in which he used Viganò’s “children of light” versus “children of darkness” language.

If you want to hear more about these developments, I discuss them with Jose Rodriguez on episode 54 of Conversation on Tap. I encourage WPI readers to check out the episode and subscribe to this intelligent and entertaining podcast!


Photo: Q quoting Archbishop Viganò in the close of his Q-drop 4545, June 29, 2020.

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D.W. Lafferty, PhD, is a Catholic husband, dad, and independent scholar from Ontario, Canada. He works in higher education and has published articles on the literature of Wyndham Lewis, the conspiracy theory of Douglas Reed, and the life and legacy of Engelbert Dollfuss. Online, he tweets as @rightscholar.

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