Readers, we are kicking off our “Francis at 10” coverage by sharing a podcast appearance by Austen Ivereigh with Mike Jordan Laskey on AMDG: A Jesuit Podcast.

From the show notes:

Host Mike Jordan Laskey wanted to reflect on the first 10 years of Francis’ papacy. What have the major themes been? How has the church changed – and not changed? Where might we be headed?
Today’s guest today is perhaps the most qualified person to talk about these questions in the English-speaking world. Austen Ivereigh is a journalist, author and commentator who has written two books about Pope Francis: “The Great Reformer” and “Wounded Shepherd.” He also collaborated with the Pope himself on a book called “Let Us Dream”, which charts a path forward from the Covid pandemic.

In this conversation, Austen offers his characteristically sharp insight on everything Pope Francis; few people on the planet have such a strong understanding of the Holy Father’s heart and mind.

Learn more about Austen: www.austeni.org/

In this interview, Austen provides some helpful insights into the core messages of Pope Francis’s papacy, one of which can be summed up in the statement, “from the periphery, you see the world as it is.”

For more with Austen Ivereigh, please enjoy the interview Jeannie Gaffigan and I did with him last year:

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Mike Lewis is the founding managing editor of Where Peter Is. He and Jeannie Gaffigan co-host Field Hospital, a U.S. Catholic podcast.

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