Pedro Gabriel has done it again! Hot on the heels of his award-winning 2022 book, The Orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia, Pedro has just released his latest book, Heresy Disguised as Tradition (En Route Books & Media).

In this book, Pedro shows the parallels between contemporary traditionalist ideology and many of the heretical movements that have arisen throughout the history of the Church, and explores the false and erroneous ideas that underlie Catholic traditionalism. Throughout the book, Pedro shows how today’s traditionalists are not much different from the adherents of historical heresies in their belief that they have a privileged access to Catholic tradition, and that their rebellion against Church authority was a defense of Church tradition, whether implicit or explicit.

The recent news stories regarding Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Joseph Strickland highlight the need for an important book like this, which addresses the false assumptions and doctrinal problems pervasive in the so-called traditionalist movement today. Ultimately, the errors of this movement are old ones that go back to the early Church, only repackaged to appeal to people today.

Theology professor Robert Fastiggi contributed the Preface to this book, and prominent Catholic academics Rocco Buttiglione and Rodrigo Guerra have endorsed it. Guerra wrote:

“Pedro Gabriel has succeeded in articulating an impassioned Catholic defense of the true Tradition against its pseudo-traditionalist deformations. Nothing could be more timely to understand – once and for all – that the Holy Spirit has not gone on vacation and constantly assists all successors of Peter in leading and governing the Church.”


Recently, author Cynthia Toolin-Wilson interviewed Pedro about Heresy Disguised as Tradition. They spoke about a variety of topics, especially in light of the widespread assertion in Catholic circles today that one can disregard the teachings of Pope Francis or the Second Vatican Council if they think the pope or Council contradicts tradition. Is this the case? Pedro explains this misconception and also speaks about doctrinal development and the beauty of the living Magisterium. (Amazon link)

Image: The Temptation of Saint Anthony. By Follower of Hieronymus Bosch – www.rijksmuseum.nl : Home : Info : Pic, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7543811

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