We are excited to share several new media appearances by Where Peter Is contributors and Managing Editor Mike Lewis.

First, check out Where Peter Is Live! on our YouTube page. It’s our recently launched livestream airing on Thursday evenings and hosted by Production Editor, Rachel Amiri. In our first episode, Melinda Ribnek and Matt Kappadakunnel discussed their reflections on the season of Lent. Not to spoil it for you, let’s just say things get “fiery.” The second episode features David Lafferty and Mike Lewis discussing the problem of Catholic extremism. Finally, the third episode with Adam Rasmussen hit on a range of topics relating to the “risks of fraternity” and included conversations on the Pope’s trip to Iraq, the death penalty, and Rachel’s article on Veritatis Splendor, a planned intentional Christian community based in Bishop Strickland’s Diocese of Tyler. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of future episodes of Where Peter Is Live! You can also subscribe to our podcast, Peter’s Field Hospital (which also includes the audio of our livestream) wherever you listen to podcasts (or at petersfieldhospital.com).

Elsewhere on the internet, Mike Lewis spoke with William Hemsworth, noted Catholic author and evangelist, on his podcast “Know the Faith, Defend the Faith.” They talked about Where Peter Is, its origins, and its mission. For background on our media project in service of the Church, this episode is indispensable.

Earlier in February, Jose Rodriguez invited David Lafferty to his podcast, Conversations on Tap. David has been studying the connections between online conspiracy theories, such as QAnon, and Catholic extremism. For example, David was featured in a Vanity Fair article on the topic.  This episode is a helpful update on recent developments, particularly post-inauguration.

Finally, WPI contributor, Efran Menny, invited Daniel Amiri to his podcast, Saintly Witnesses, to discuss Daniel’s article “Toward an Inclusive Capitalism.” Daniel shared a number of Pope Francis’s insights in Fratelli Tutti on a just economy.

For media inquiries, please email articles@wherepeteris.com.

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Daniel Amiri is a Catholic layman and finance professional. A graduate of theology and classics from the University of Notre Dame, his studies coincided with the papacy of Benedict XVI whose vision, particularly the framework of "encounter" with Christ Jesus, has heavily influenced his thoughts.  He is a husband and a father to three beautiful children. He serves on parish council and also enjoys playing and coaching soccer.

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