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This three-part live workshop will be held virtually on April 13, April 20, and April 27 at 7:30-9:00pm (EST).

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Do you want to fall more in love with Jesus in the Eucharist? Do you seek a deeper understanding of the Mass, overflowing with God’s love and goodness? Do you desire to experience the liturgy as a moment of healing and transfiguration?

I invite you to join me in a workshop this Easter, where we will explore Pope Francis’s new Apostolic Letter about the Eucharistic Liturgy, Desiderio Desideravi. This workshop will help you understand and participate in the Mass as a life-giving encounter with God’s relentless desire for you.

By prayerfully reading and discussing what the Church actually teaches about the Mass, you will not only grow in your own love for the Eucharist but you will be more prepared to share that devotion with others. Along with myself and a small community of learners, you will come to see the Mass as the privileged place to encounter Jesus, experience his healing love, and be divinized, that is, as St. Augustine said, “become Christ himself.”

This workshop is for anyone who wants to deepen their faith, including catechists, ministers, and clergy who want to enhance their ministry and connect with a supportive community of learners. Whether you’re looking to renew your love for Jesus, find a deeper sense of belonging, or grow in your relationship with God, the Desiderio Desideravi workshop is the perfect opportunity for you. In this workshop, you will have:

  • the freedom to participate as you want
  • the opportunity to learn and grow within a small group
  • a non-judgemental space that proclaims and invites, never imposes
  • the skills to read and understand papal documents
  • the chance to ask and discuss any questions that you have

These workshops are open to everyone, but members of Father’s Heart Academy will have access to them for half the price! In addition to studying Desiderio Desideravi in April, there will also be workshops on Pope Francis’ life changing teaching about holiness, Gaudete et Exsultate this summer and the Church’s newest social encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, this fall

Don’t miss this chance to experience a transformative journey with like-minded individuals who share your faith. Join me!

Register Here!

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Paul Fahey lives in Michigan with his wife and four kids. For the past eight years, he has worked as a professional catechist. He has an undergraduate degree in Theology and is currently working toward a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling. He is a retreat leader, catechist formator, writer, and a co-founder of Where Peter Is. He is also the founder and co-host of the Pope Francis Generation podcast. His long-term goal is to provide pastoral counseling for Catholics who have been spiritually abused, counseling for Catholic ministers, and counseling education so that ministers are more equipped to help others in their ministry.

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