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China’s “other” cardinal

With all the attention Cardinal Joseph Zen has been getting with regard to his protests against the China/Vatican deal, most American Catholics probably aren’t aware that Hong Kong has two retired cardinals. Taking a much different approach than his predecessor, Cardinal John Tong, has offered his support for the agreement, and has spoken of the hope that a unified Catholic Church in China represents. While the bishop of Hong Kong does not have jurisdiction over...


Perspective on the China/Vatican deal

On Saturday, September 22, a long-anticipated “provisional agreement” between the Chinese government and the Vatican was announced regarding the process of appointing bishops in the Catholic Church in China. Officially, this agreement puts an end to the decades-long division between Chinese Catholics who worship in state-sanctioned churches whose bishops are appointed by the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA), and the “underground” Church whose bishops have Vatican approval. In reality, the situation is much more complex....


On the Church in China

Over the last several weeks, both religious and secular outlets have been publishing news and commentary on the rumored impending agreement between the Chinese government and the Vatican. Beginning with reports in January that the Vatican had asked two bishops of the underground Church in communion with Rome to step aside and allow illicitly ordained bishops of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA) to take over as ordinaries in their dioceses, there has been much...