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I heard Gerry O’Connell mention this on the latest episode of the “Inside the Vatican” podcast — As the people of Ukraine face frigid winter days and nights in the coming month, many are experiencing power shortages and many are displaced. Cardinal Krajewski, the papal almoner, has put out a call for donations of thermal jumpers (also known as sweaters or shirts and sometimes turtlenecks to those of us in North America). These will be desperately needed to help endure the long winter.

Vatican News Reports:

“The Ukrainian people are experiencing an emergency linked not only to the war, but also to the lack of electricity, gas, and the bitter cold winter”, reads a communiqué signed by the Apostolic Almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski. The Dicastery is therefore collecting specifically thermal jumpers used for skiing, for men women and children.

The Apostolic Almoner is already stocking up on these items. Those who wish to support the initiative can donate at https://www.eppela.com/projects/9302, or send thermal jumpers directly to the dicastery’s headquarters in the Vatican (address: Cortile Sant’Egidio, 00120 Vatican City).

For readers in Europe, you may purchase the thermal jumpers yourself and send them directly to the dicastery in Rome at the address above. For those of us who live on other continents, it would likely be more efficient to donate at the link provided.

Thanks for your generosity and concern for those in need!

Image of Cardinal Krajewski, Vatican Media. Second Image: Adobe Stock. By BublikHaus.

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