Author: Toni Vercillo


Who Art Thou, O Immaculata?

Saint Maximilian Kolbe is world-renowned as the Catholic priest who asked to take the place of another man, a man with a family, who had been condemned to death, as an example to the other prisoners in the deathcamp at Auschwitz.  The Church recognized the Franciscan Friar’s martyrdom as the ‘crimson crown’ he had received from the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary who had appeared to him when he was a five-year-old child.  She...


Pachamama: Mother of God?

Ellie follows me on social media. She doesn’t like Pope Francis and is always looking for clues that she correlates with her daily overdose injections of LifeSiteNews, Remnant, 1P5, NovusOrdoWatch, Rorate, and Arroyo to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Vicar of Christ is the personification of evil, the devil incarnate, the anti-Christ who has come into the world to destroy it. This was especially true in view of the recent Pan-Amazon...