Author: Efran Menny


Blessed Stanley Rother: Shepherd to his people

As a fairly new Catholic, I always enjoy learning about new saints whenever I can. Thanks to all my friends who have referred different saints to me, I have learned about many holy men and woman of various ethnicities, ages,...


Saint Peter: First Among the Twelve

On the 2018 Easter Vigil, I became a Catholic Christian. After many years of intense theological debate and challenging my stubbornness to believe, my faith journey finally culminated that evening in our city’s cathedral. As with most converts, one of...


“Fargo” and the Problem of Evil

Last summer, I took it upon myself to watch as many great films as I could, based on several “best movies” lists. No matter the decade or the genre, I wanted to immerse myself in the most celebrated movies of...


The X-Men and Combating the Culture of Hate

When I was growing up in the 1990s, it seemed like nearly every Marvel character had a television cartoon. I remember watching Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, and Iron-Man on Saturdays. Similarly, the DC superhero shows, including the venerable Batman: The Animated...

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