Pope Francis’s Wednesday audiences follow “cycles” or “series” in which Francis provides an extended catechesis on a subject, such as the Sacraments, the Family, or the Church. We are compiling these audiences into “courses,” so that while we are all under quarantine, you might benefit and be enriched by Pope Francis’s theology, which is both beautiful and accessible. These courses do not include any original content from us, but it does allow you to track your progress, discuss the content with other users, and follow the subjects that are of most interest to you.

With this particular platform, the free version is limited to 100 users. Of course, the audiences themselves are free to access at the Vatican website, but with about $250 or $23/mo, we can utilize the platform and provide this resource for a full year to an unlimited number of people. If we hit our limits and if you feel inclined to sponsor this program, we invite you to do so at the PayPal link below.

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Please join us. The first course is on the sacraments. This will be followed by a short course on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, to be published in the coming week.

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Daniel Amiri is a Catholic layman and finance professional. A graduate of theology and classics from the University of Notre Dame, his studies coincided with the papacy of Benedict XVI whose vision, particularly the framework of "encounter" with Christ Jesus, has heavily influenced his thoughts.  He is a husband and a father to three beautiful children. He serves on parish council and also enjoys playing and coaching soccer.

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