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  1. Avatar Charlene Bader says:

    I’ve been disappointed to realize Raymond Arroyo — and as a result, EWTN — is aligned more with an American political party than the Catholic Church they claim to represent.
    Thank you for writing this and bringing more light to a scandalous situation.

  2. Avatar Kathy S. says:

    I watched this unfold for years and so saddened that EWTN has become so political. Catholics, and some priests , now follow it instead of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. It has sown dissent and confusion among Catholics. Thank you for a well spoken analysis of the situation.

    • Avatar HW says:

      I agree I can’t watch many of the shows EWTN has on now. They are more concerned with promoting a complete Trumpist/RW view of everything, and that is not the position of our church. I am glad that many more have noticed this over the past couple of years. I have noticed many would like to make everything binary that if I don’t support the EWTN/Trumpist line I am a “commie” or “pinko” or whatever sophomoric insult they can come up with. I’m tired of the political bs with EWTN.

    • Avatar Hugh Whiting says:

      The political slant and cheerleading of Trumpism by so many on EWTN is disgusting, I have come to the point where I wont watch the “news” shows on there anymore. It seems like folks like Raymond are more concerned with being a Fox News clone with a catholic veneer then actually be faithful to our faith’s teachings.

  3. Avatar Peter Vere says:

    For those of you who are Eastern Catholic like me, I highly recommend Ancient Faith Radio as an Eastern Orthodox online radio and podcast stream. Although they occasionally engage in polemic against Catholics, I find that 99 percent of what they broadcast overlaps with Catholicism, and they also are often respectful toward Catholicism as well.

  4. Avatar David Mills says:

    Very good and necessary. But one quibble: I would drop the “other” from “even when other pro-life candidates were still in the running for the Republican nomination.”

  5. Toni Toni says:

    It’s what happens when people turn their politics into their religion, and their religion into politics.

  6. Avatar Yaya says:

    Now I understand why I stopped watching EWTN and especially Arroyo’s show years ago. I sensed something was off with his attitude towards our Holy Father, I never cared for that.
    Thanks for the article!

  7. Avatar Faith says:

    I agree with everything in this article. Arroyo is way off base, and has been for some time.

  8. This is why I don’t watch his “news” show any more. I have been preaching against ‘nationalism’ for years. I’ve even been called ‘socialist’ to which I reply, not I am not, Chruch teaching condemns that, Communism and Capitalism… If you read your Church’s teaching, you you would know that. I look forward to the rest of this series.

  9. Avatar Christopher Lake says:

    Mike, thank you for doing this series! I used to be a regular watcher of EWTN (in fact, it played a very large role in my return to the Church several years ago!), and I still do like some of their shows. However, I have been very, very disappointed and disheartened by “The World Over” for some time.

    Pope Francis, himself, would be the first to say that he is not a perfect Pope– as if there were, or ever had been, such a person in Church history (!). He is constantly saying that he is a sinner in need of God’s grace (as are we all!) and constantly asking people to pray for him.

    However, Francis *is* the Pope, and *we* (including Raymond Arroyo and the “Papal posse”) are not, and it is amazing to me that so many Catholics who are *not* the Pope seem to be quite sure that they understand Catholicism, *and* how to teach and apply it, better than the Pope! It would be laughable, if it were not such a very serious matter.

    I fear that many Catholics are missing out on the treasures of teaching and witness that Pope Francis offers them. Sometimes, those treasures are in the form of showing God’s mercy for sinners, and sometimes, they are in the form of “tough love” towards the self-righteous– but that, too, is a form of merciful love that is meant to open hearts and heal them. I know, because I’m in need of that heart-work and healing all too often myself, and Pope Francis is very faithful in personally helping me in that regard!

    Anyway, again, thank you for doing this series, brother! I thank God for you and for the other contributors here!

  10. Avatar Carlos says:

    Why not a boycott of Etwn until rid themselves of Arroyo. Lets start a pettion of his program. We get enough politics from the regular networks and they all lie. Pope Francis is our Pope and deserves all of our respect and should never be mocked. It’s by the Holy Spirt that he was choosen. Carlos

  11. Avatar Phil says:

    Granted that he shouldn’t be so welcoming of leaders of any party. I think one was one of those that were going to vote against Obamacare, but ended up not. Pat Buchanan said Kissinger was a good man, despite the population control manufesto, NSSM 200, was written by him. He has Mel Gibson on as a fav, despite most of his films being the exact opposite of The Passion. There are, of course, ones that claim to be Catholic who contradict its teachings and joke about stuff the pope of the time said or did. I doubt anyone here has taken them on. This can’t be easy for him and his “Papal Posse”. These are the same ones that would call previous popes “brilliant” if they picked their nose and pulled out a booger, despite traditionalists having issues with some questionable things they did, like PJP2 kissing a Koran or Pope Benedict letting a S. American shaman do his “blessing” on him. Not everything the popes do are right, but not all have praised the life of an abortion rights advocate or had one in charge of the Pontifical Academy of Life. I think it is obvious souls need to be saved from ignorance about the gravity of what he is writing or allowing. If he is not totally in charge of the Vatican, but actually made a puppet, then he should say so and we all would understand. That he doesn’t, we can only assume his intellect has been darkened and these things must be decried as wrong lest souls get to thinking divorce and remarriage has changed and those that did so knowingly can receive Holy Communion . He hasn’t called The Pope a heretic or invalid; just suggesting he has, for one reason or another, is apparently scandalizing “the little ones” in an attempt at highlighting some greater good.
    These are not mere minor traditions like those Jesus challenged or temporary laws he nullified, but eternal doctrine. I really believe this is tearing him and his guests up. I am sure he hopes this will all be straightened out soon–like a test of our faithfulness to the Church and charity to the vicar of Christ short of rubber stamping all he says off the cuff.

    • Avatar Debra Robinson says:

      All require God’s Mercy including the TWO Pope’s we have and Roy and Mel Gibson. We believe in forgiveness and we should hear both sides of every story. Jesus took on the sins of the world. If we are believers in Jesus our Hearts and Souls are covered in Jesus’ Blood and we are saved by His stripes.

  12. Avatar petey says:

    thank you also, mr lewis. an excellent statement, and a brave one in the current environment.

  13. Avatar Christopher Lake says:

    I want to offer a reply to one very important part of the above comment by Phil. There is *categorically not* a pro-abortion theologian who is currently “in charge of the Pontifical Academy of Life.” That is a serious misunderstanding of the actual situation with this man.

    It is true that a man who has written against euthanasia, but who is “pro-choice” (I greatly dislike that sanitized term, but I use it here for the sake of conversation!) on abortion, at least in certain cases, was invited by the Pope to be a member, for now, of the Pontifical Academy of Life, but that invitation was due to this man’s work against euthanasia, *not* because of his stance on abortion.

    It has long been part of the Church’s teaching that it is good for Catholics to dialogue with, and, at times, work together with (when it does not involve us in evil ourselves), people who agree with us on at least certain aspects of Catholicism. The aforementioned man, newly involved with the Pontifical Academy of Life, obviously does not yet have a “consistent ethic of life,” as the Church teaches. He is *partially* there, as shown by his stand against euthanasia, but he does not seem, at this point, to understand or accept the grave moral evil of abortion.

    Certainly, as a Catholic and a defender of human life, period, I would *love* for him to become completely, consistently pro-life! I pray for it! Given that Pope Francis has spoken about the importance of a consistent pro-life ethic (on abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, etc.), I’m sure that he would love for this man to come to an understanding of the anti-life horror that is abortion.

    It might well be the case that Francis is even personally involved in a one-to-one dialogue with him on abortion (don’t quote me on that– I’m just speculating here!), as a result of his involvement in the Pontifical Academy. At the very least, he likely has much more pro-life influence in his life, now, working with so many Catholics, than he has ever had before, and that can only be a good thing!

    In any event, this man is not in any way, shape, or form, “in charge of the Pontifical Academy of Life.” He is *not even close to* being in charge of it. He’s simply a new member who was chosen by the Pope, along with five other new members. He is not, at all, determining the vision, and the overall course of work, of the Pontifical Academy.

  14. Avatar Linda Daily says:

    Thank you for addressing this issue. EWTN is a source of endless confusion on a parish level and a scourge to the RCIA process. Your question, “where are the bishops?” is most apt.

  15. Avatar Jay James says:

    “But it cannot come at the cost of ignoring the wisdom of the Church on care for the environment, immigrants, and the poor. ”

    Incidentally Pat Buchanan is, last I heard, opposed to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    But these are issues of how to implement Church teaching. Take the environment. There is every reason to be skeptical of global warming.

    Yes we should be concerned about the poor. But it’s not clear that more welfare is going to help. It may have had a bad effect on marriage for example.

    And we should be concerned about immigrants, but flooding the US with immigrants as the bishops want will only depress the wage rates of the poor in the US. It will also ensure a permanent Democratic (ie, pro-abortion) majority. I don’t want the entire US turned into California.

  16. Avatar Bren says:

    Actual Church teaching is infinitely more important than bishops’ opinions on policy re: environment, immigration, poverty. There is no guarantee at all that the pope will be right or correct on politics. Given human nature we actually have certitude that he will be wrong at least some of the time. He has for example apparently misled the author of this piece into thinking that bishops’ arbitrary opinions on immigration policy must be weighed against actual, reliable Church teaching as if they were somehow equivalent.

  17. Avatar Bob Bossie, SCJ says:

    Dear Mike, thank you for your article sent to me by a friend. I have watched his show with my brother who watched EWTN frequently for Mass and other shows being a shut in. I am glad that someone has finally challenged Mr. Arroyo.

  18. Avatar Recent Convert says:

    Having started my journey to the church last spring, and joining in the fall, I’ll freely admit that EWTN, along with programming such as Catholic Answers Live and Christ Is The Answer were extremely helpful in filling in gaps.

    That said, I caught Mr. Arroyo’s program in radio form a few times and found the political slants uncomfortable at best, to the point where I consider it as a mouthpiece attempting to justify an administration which seems to be in perpetual scandal.

    Thank you Mr. Lewis for this series, and reminding me the focus should be on the Magisterium first and foremost.

  19. Avatar Dennis says:

    Thank you Mike Lewis.I’ve been watching as EWTN and Arroyo have pushed the Vatican 1 mean and nasty smearing of our Pope for years.I tell everyone about it.FOX News have always been betrayers too,and now that Laura has Raymond on they sit there sneering and insulting and gloating to the point I can’t watch her show.It seems at the point of writing this article you disliked Trump “Both she and Arroyo were early supporters of Donald Trump’s candidacy, even when other pro-life candidates were still in the running for the Republican nomination.”Many responses to this.They were not actually-hardly anyone was.I was because I knew all supposed Pro-Life Republicans had always promised everything and done nothing.Ted Cruz held his big Town Hall with Megan Kelly where?The Masonic Temple in Madison, Wisconsin.HRC would have crushed Cruz-or any of the other weak R’s.POTUS DJT is cursed by Satanists and Dark Covens monthly and worldwide.They have never done that to even any Pope before.In less than a year he has formed,by far,the most Pro-Christian,Pro-Life,and Pro-Israel Administration in US history.And Hogg?He is also a nasty Opportunist-worse than Arroyo.And Gorka?Very unfair for you to link him to “White Supremacy”.Everyone needs more balance.I completely Love our Pope and see him as THE REASON we have Trump instead of actual Satanists in the White House.He came to DC and prayed real Exorcism Prayers to break Masonic Principality Curses-I knew he was going to do that-just as he has done at the Vatican-because yes our Church has high ranking prelates that are actually Freemasons and Satanists.That is what Fr Amorthe wrote.One more thing-Melania had the White House Blessed.Every room,cursed objects removed,and Masses offered.Multi-denominational Blessings.Catholics,Episcopals,jewish Rabbis and Evangelicals.The Trump’s are very seriously awake about Spiritual Warfare-as is our Beautiful Holy Pope Francis!!

  20. Avatar Jane says:

    I don’t think Mother Angelica would approve of the direction Raymond Arroyo has taken EWTN

  21. Avatar Jane says:

    I have to remind myself that EWTN is worldwide, not just in the U.S. And that causes me to feel even greater desire to work in any way I can to save souls and keep them away from watching EWTN out of concern for their souls and the souls of very vulnerable folks who love EWTN. I used to be a big fan of EWTN, but now I am realizing what insidious harm they are doing and I wish Mother Angelica were alive still, to say, “No, this cannot happen on this network! We tell the truth which is this: that Our Lord Jesus Christ gave to Peter and His successors, the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Holy Father is the ONLY person on this earth who has the graces to be the pope and not you, not me, not anyone else! “

  22. Avatar Cathy J Walker says:

    I was an avid EWTN watcher for years, even went on several pilgrimages at the shrine and courses by the Sister Servants until around 2013 when I finally realized what I didn’t want to acknowledge. Arroyo’s far right politics would not be checked by the executives there. Mr Warsaw, President of EWTN, should step up and fix this, maybe have the good staff of priests there give Arroyo a refresher course in Catholic social teaching. I don’t watch anymore which is sad. I hope blessed Mother Angelica isn’t turning over in her grave over Arroyo’s self serving foray into political state tv. This is not why she founded EWTN. She wanted the faithful teachings of Jesus to be available to all.
    I watched some of his right wing politics start to seep into other programming and drifted away. He is not irreplaceable. I know he is Mother Angelica’s biographer, but he has lost his way and is too involved in secular politics and in opposition to Pope Francis.

  23. Avatar JB says:

    The alt-right incursions into Our Holy Mother Church are very upsetting. The fervent backing of an habitual adulterer and liar is hard to grasp. Ironically, the Church was falsely accused of cooperating with the Nazis in WWII; now many are in League with this brand of fascism.

  24. Avatar Bridget Murphy says:

    I was raised Catholic and even attended Catholic grammar school.
    I have to agree that this Pope has waded into politics far too much……in fact the church in general seems to
    be moving in that direction. The leftists, who would usually scream “separation of church and state”, say nothing because the church is championing their causes (global warming, socialism etc…).

    I lost all respect for the Jesuits when they immediately jumped on the anti Brett Kavanaugh band wagon while they remain silent about the far more credible RAPE accusations against Virginia’s Democrat Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.
    It seems to me that the Catholic Church is sucking up to the American left far too much these days.

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