In conjunction with yesterday’s anniversary of St. Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, this week has been designated by the USCCB as National NFP Awareness Week. Humanae Vitae, of course, affirmed the Church’s traditional teaching that prohibits the use of artificial contraception. NPF, as you likely know, is an abbreviation for Natural Family Planning, a catch-all term for the various methods of avoiding pregnancy that are approved by the Church, which rely on tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle and avoiding intercourse on the days when she is fertile.

Although it’s Friday, I wanted to share the pieces on Humanae Vitae and NFP that we’ve written at WPI.

Why allow NFP but not artificial contraception? by Pedro Gabriel

Humanae Vitae, precursor of Pope Francis by Pedro Gabriel

Pope Francis, disciple of Humanae Vitae by Pedro Gabriel

Humanae Vitae and Me by Mike Lewis

Humanae Vitae: truth, accompaniment, and culpability by Paul Fahey

Humanae Vitae: An anniversary is an awful thing to waste by Paul Fahey

Responsible parenthood as a corporal work of mercy by Brian Killian

I’d also like to recommend this article by Stephen Walford, written for last year’s 50th anniversary of the encyclical.

Happy NFP week, everyone!


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Mike Lewis is a writer and graphic designer from Maryland, having worked for many years in Catholic publishing. He's a husband, father of four, and a lifelong Catholic. He's active in his parish and community. He is the founding managing editor for Where Peter Is.

NFP Week Roundup

5 Responses

  1. Christopher Lake says:


    Thanks so much for this collection of WPI’s articles on “Humanae Vitae,” NFP, and Pope Francis, as their advocate. I hope that at least a few Catholics who are convinced that Francis is a “modernist” opponent of traditional Church teaching will spend some real time with these articles, and prayerfully reflect on them and on what they say about him as a whole (which is very good).

    Has there been any discussion among WPI contributors about an article index being developed for the site? I would *love* to be able to go to an index and look up all of the site’s articles on a given subject. I don’t want to underestimate the time that developing and writing such an index might take. I know that it likely would not be a quick project. It would just be a nice feature for the site to have at some point in the future, whether that’s in the near future, or sometime else down the road.

    • Mike Lewis says:

      Are you interested in helping to set that up? I’ve proposed the idea before, but not a lot of volunteers have come forward…

      • Christopher Lake says:

        Brother, believe me, I really wish that I was better equipped *to* help with it, but I am largely, and embarrassingly, computer-illiterate, so I might be more of a hindrance than a help in this area. I am “fluent” with commenting on blogs and doing e-mail, but beyond those things, I am basically a technological dinosaur. 🙂 (To my knowledge, I am still the only one of my friends who has never even owned a smartphone, but that’s actually a principled choice, on my part, for many reasons, hehe.)

  2. Marie says:

    Thank you Mike, I really , really enjoyed reading these articles, including the links. I had not read much about Humanae Vitae in years, and it really stuck me how much foresight St. Paul VI expressed in his encyclical. The practice and benefits of NFP can be truly liberating, but the challenges remain. The limitations of NFP are a part of my faith that I have yet to fully understand, just accept, as I can only see complete submission to God’s will, and no participation in it’s outcome (short of complete abstinence) as being a requirement if facing the reality of not being able to accurately predict fertility. I don’t see leaving it in God’s hands corresponding to the notion of responsible parenthood, not when challenged with multiple miscarriages, too many C sections, and the post partum and peri-menopause stages of life. These periods, where one is still completely open to life, but petrified of causing death. Maybe the answer is simply to submit, as we willingly do to other critical events in our lives, but usually those are short term. I’m past the stage of personally having to worry about it, but spiritually I’m still battling this one. I do hope support for those struggling, including addressing these concerns more openly to help us to better understand how to embrace the challenges would be beneficial. Thanks for the great articles!

  3. jong says:

    Dear Mike,
    I’m not sure if WPI already had an article regarding Blessed Ab.Fulton Sheen visions of the counterfeit church in 1947., I think it will be a good article if someone from WPI writers would be able to relate it in our times.
    The way I see it, Blessed Sheen vision in 1947 is related to the start of Vatican II Council as we all know there emerges two factions.
    Satan will establish a counterfeit church resembling catholic tone is the description of Blessed Sheen, so definitely the Vatican II Church will be facing not the Protestant nor any religion as they do not resemble catholic tone but a counterfeit catholic church.
    I deeply believed this the root of the problem in the Church Crisis right now, satan had already established the counterfeit church after Vatican II and now it’s growing in numbers. What is their mission? to destroy the Vatican II Church particularly aiming the ouster of the Vicar of Christ.
    Pope Benedict XVI gave a hint on the Council of Media that is undermining the Vatican II and even identified the wolves inside the Vatican, I think Pope Benedict XVI knew deeply what St.JP2 meant when he stated that the Vatican II Church will be facing the Final Confrontation soon.
    Also, Pope Francis is pretty much aware of what had happened in Vatican II and the visions of Blessed Sheen on the counterfeit church, the predictions Cardinal Ratzinger on “small but poor & pious church, and descriptions of St,Jp2 about the directions of the Church going to war.
    In fact, Pope Francis explains the inspiration why he chose the name of St.Francis and it is the answer to what the Church is facing now. to rebuild the Church that was being destroy by the forces of darkness. That’s why Pope Francis is called the Luminous Pope. Light vs. darkness (John1:5)
    I hope & pray that the Holy Spirit will grant wisdom to WPI to expound the vision of Blessed Ab.Fulton Sheen and identify who really is the counterfeit church established by satan to enlighten all it’s viewers on the war that is going on..
    As we all know in war much more in spiritual war, knowing the enemies is half the battle won. Do WPI good writers knew who is the counterfeit catholic church today?
    My personal take is, it will come from Rad Trads as pondering the words of Ab.Lefevbre requesting St.Pope Paul VI to grant his priestly movement an “autonomy”, meaning they want to exist independently from the Vatican II Church but still possessing catholic tone but the Pope has no authority over them. This has been the position of the SSPX for more than 50 years they want an autonomy, they said they are putting their fate in the hands of God but not to the hands of the Vicar of Christ.
    The published conversation between Ab.Lefevbre and Pope Paul VI reminded me of Lucifer’s scenario in the Heavenly Realm, how?
    When God presented His Divine Plan for the Logos coming in the form of slave devoid of majesty & glory, Lucifer & his fallen angels “resisted”., just like when the Holy Mass was presented by the Holy Spirit in the form of the Novus Ordo stripped of majestic beauty & glory they all “resisted”. And now the famous tag line of the Rad Trads is “recognize and resist”. It ring a bell in me that they are imitating the evil traits of Lucifer by recognizing the Almighty God but resisting His Divine Plan and Authority. Rad Trads in a direct way echoing the evil utterance of “Non Serviam” by resisting.
    I might be mistaken but since Michael Matt was invited by Dr. Taylor Marshall in his TNT Gossiping Show, Dr.Marshall has been very vocal in promoting the evil attitude of “recognize and resist” which originated from Lucifer’s pride & disobedience.
    Added reflection is, Lucifer is a “Light Bearer” which relates to Jesus as Light “Jesus-Bearer”.but he bear the Light of God proudly.
    Mary was called Theotokos “God-Bearer” also “Light-Bearer” but Mama Mary bear the Light of God humbly the opposite of Lucifer.
    We can see that the Church Crisis can be traced in a perennial war between the Woman and the Serpent, the Rad Trads imitating the traits and words of Lucifer by being “noisy & resisting” and Pope Francis imitating the virtue of Mama Mary thru “silence & humility”.
    Looking forward for an article expounding on who is the counterfeit catholic church.
    Thank you and God bless WPI. My Jesus mercy. S&IHMMP4us.Amen

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