In conjunction with yesterday’s anniversary of St. Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, this week has been designated by the USCCB as National NFP Awareness Week. Humanae Vitae, of course, affirmed the Church’s traditional teaching that prohibits the use of artificial contraception. NPF, as you likely know, is an abbreviation for Natural Family Planning, a catch-all term for the various methods of avoiding pregnancy that are approved by the Church, which rely on tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle and avoiding intercourse on the days when she is fertile.

Although it’s Friday, I wanted to share the pieces on Humanae Vitae and NFP that we’ve written at WPI.

Why allow NFP but not artificial contraception? by Pedro Gabriel

Humanae Vitae, precursor of Pope Francis by Pedro Gabriel

Pope Francis, disciple of Humanae Vitae by Pedro Gabriel

Humanae Vitae and Me by Mike Lewis

Humanae Vitae: truth, accompaniment, and culpability by Paul Fahey

Humanae Vitae: An anniversary is an awful thing to waste by Paul Fahey

Responsible parenthood as a corporal work of mercy by Brian Killian

I’d also like to recommend this article by Stephen Walford, written for last year’s 50th anniversary of the encyclical.

Happy NFP week, everyone!


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