Happy Trinity Sunday, and Happy Father’s day!

Today Pope Francis visited the city of Camerino in Italy, which was struck by earthquakes 3 years ago that took the lives of nearly 300 people.

Vatican News reports that in his homily, he spoke about healing woulds and rebuilding after such a tragic event:

“Remembering is a key word for life”, said Pope Francis. “Remembering gives us the strength not to surrender”. The Pope admitted that bad memories return, even when we don’t want them to. To free ourselves “from the negative memories that keep us prisoner, from the regrets that paralyze us, we need someone to help us carry the burdens we have inside”, he said. Jesus does not offer us the “quick and easy solution” of taking away our burdens, explained the Pope. Instead, He sends us the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, who transforms “the wounds of the past into memories of salvation…because the Holy Spirit is the rebuilder of hope”.

He also spoke on the Holy Trinity:

Pope Francis continued his homily referring to this Sunday’s Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. “The Trinity is not a theological puzzle”, he said, “but the splendid mystery of God’s closeness”. God is not “up there, distant and indifferent”. God sends us the Spirit, knowing that “it takes more strength to repair than to build”. The Pope recalled how “almost three years have passed” since the earthquake struck in 2016. “The risk is that, after the first emotional and media involvement, attention falls and promises are forgotten”, he said. “The Lord instead pushes us to remember, repair, rebuild, and to do so together”, he said, “without ever forgetting those who suffer”.

Here are some more notable and interesting articles and posts from around the web:

First, at Patheos, Scott Eric Alt takes note of the response of Pope Francis’s detractors, many of whom criticized him harshly on social media after he addressed the gathered nuncios of the world in Rome this week. In the address, Francis instructed them,

Being a “Representative,” the Nuncio must continually update himself and study, in order to know well the thought and the instructions of the one he represents. He also has the duty to continually update and inform the Pope on the different situations and on the ecclesiastical and socio-political changes of the country to which he is sent. Therefore, it’s indispensable that he has a thorough knowledge of its customs and possibly of the language, keeping the door of the Nunciature and of his heart always open to all. It’s irreconcilable, therefore, to be a Pontifical Representative criticizing the Pope behind his back, to have blogs or to downright join groups hostile to him, to the Curia and to the Church of Rome.

Alt compares these words to those of Pope St. Pius X, who wrote:

“In order to demonstrate our love for the Pope, it is necessary to obey him. Therefore, when we love the Pope, there are no discussions regarding what he orders or demands, or up to what point obedience must go, and in what things he is to be obeyed.”

Read it all.

Also at Patheos, Msgr. Eric Barr asks, “What in the world is Cardinal Burke doing?” We’ve been asking the same question since the inception of WPI. Msgr. Barr discusses the question in light of the so-called “Declaration of Truths,” signed by Burke and four bishops from Latvia and Kazakhstan and widely believed to be a challenge to Francis’s teachings and authority. Barr describes what Burke and the others are doing as an attempt to create a “parallel Magisterium.” He writes:

Here’s the problem with what they’ve done.  A bishop must ensure orthodox, i.e. correct belief, in his diocese.  Only two of the signatories actually have a diocese to govern.  But no bishop or cardinal has the power to correct or mandate what the worldwide Catholic Church should believe.  Nor does anyone other than the Pope, or the the universal body of Bishops in union with the Pope, have the authority to define that belief.  Cardinal Burke and companions would no doubt agree with this, but the document leaves the impression of what I called above a parallel magisterium.  That would be a separate system of truths that these clerics believe better explains Catholic dogma and doctrine.  They worry that the current situation confuses the laity, but they are printing a document that Catholics could easily believe supplants, clarifies, or improves upon the Cathechism of the Catholic Church and papal teaching.  Well you know something?  No one but the pope gets to do that.  Cardinal Burke knows better and so do the other signatories.

Read it all.

Finally, the new Archbishop of Washington, DC, Wilton Gregory, ordained ten men to the priesthood on Saturday. This was his first ordination since his arrival in the nation’s capital. After a tumultuous year in my home diocese, I was inspired by the words of our new archbishop in his homily, in which he reminded the men of the significance of the priesthood, and spoke to them of the sacraments, living lives of prayer, the gift of celibacy, and told them to live lives of goodness. As reported by the Catholic Standard:

Archbishop Gregory said the Eucharist should be at the heart of their ministry and at the center of their lives. “The Bread of Life which you break for people must be the source of your strength,” he said.

He also encouraged them to remember the mystery of the sacraments they celebrate and never let their liturgical ministries become routine, because they represent God’s presence. The archbishop also asked them to be men of deep prayer in imitation of Jesus, and let their journey of faith and their words and service reflect their prayerful search for the Lord.

While priestly celibacy might seem an enigma to the world, “still it remains a wondrous gift for the Church,” Archbishop Gregory said, noting that the priests by witnessing to Christ’s selfless love can be like the grain of wheat in the Gospel that can lead to a bountiful harvest for God.

“Be men of transparent goodness,” he said, encouraging them to reflect joy, integrity, honesty and warmth in their priesthood.

Read the full report here. Watch the entire ordination Mass here.

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Mike Lewis is a writer and graphic designer from Maryland, having worked for many years in Catholic publishing. He's a husband, father of four, and a lifelong Catholic. He's active in his parish and community. He is the founding managing editor for Where Peter Is.

Links: Pius X vs Francis; Cardinal Burke; Abp Gregory ordains 10 in DC

21 Responses

  1. carn says:

    Questions are to be answered:

    “Also at Patheos, Msgr. Eric Barr asks, “What in the world is Cardinal Burke doing?” We’ve been asking the same question since the inception of WPI.”

    Msgr. Barr already states part of the answer:

    “They are concerned that the Church is spiritually ill and in the midst of “almost universal doctrinal confusion and disorientation.””

    The other likely part, which completes the answer is:

    ” If they are really convinced he is wrong and has created a climate of confusion, there are ways to address that issue that don’t involve a public hissy fit–which is exactly what this Declaration of Truths is.”

    that these other ways were tried by Burke et al and FAILED.

    Accordingly the answer you seek for with some likelihood is:

    “What in the world is Cardinal Burke doing?”

    He is trying to address “almost universal doctrinal confusion and disorientation” in the Church and thinks that the usual “ways to address that issue” FAILED and/or DO NOT WORK and therefore chooses other ways.

    You can easily test the plausibility of that answer:

    Presume there is a “almost universal doctrinal confusion and disorientation” (*) in the Church right now, think how you would suggest addressing this, think whether/why it might not work and think how you would look to a third person while doing this.

    (presume for example the hypothetical situation, that vast percentages of Catholics are not aware and/or reject about what the Church teaches regarding real presence, regarding sexuality, regarding hell, regarding confession, regarding the Virgin Mary and regarding the resurrection AND that there are many polls showing this AND then presume that many bishops are not working hard to ensure the faithful know what the Church teaches and accept it, with some doing so little, that one gets the suspicion that they themselves do not believe some of these things any longer; i know, some might find it hard to imagine such a situation; but i think this is how Burke thinks the situation is; and to understand Burke, you have to understand how he thinks)

    • jong says:

      “doctrinal confusions and disorientation” has only one solution?
      What is that?
      “OBEDIENCE and Full Trust to the Vicar of Christ, the Supreme Interpreter and Guarantor of Faith,
      whose God given faith cannot fail.(Luke22:32)
      Cardinal Burke et,al can be deceive by satan to commit errors and heresy but not the Pope.

      Cardinal Caffara one of the former Dubia had reconciled with Pope Francis before his death, and left us with powerful words of reminders,
      “Al Bishops who.oppose the Pope must go away as they are no longer one with Christ.Really, they all must go away because they will lead the confused souls to eternal damnation.”

      Cardinal Burke et,al are still living in confusions up to now by embracing their Dubia instead of Obedience and Trust.
      Dubia belong to Satan and Faith belong to Christ.
      Pope Francis already answered long ago all the Dubia Cardinals and Dissenters to clarify their Dubia.
      What is that?
      Pope Francis implore all of them to seek conversion.
      Conversion takes humility of heart to acknowledge one’s imperfection saying Lord I dont understand the teachings please grant me the wisdom to know your infinite mercy to obey and trust your Anointed Shepherd.
      But the problem with Cardinal Burke et,al is, clearly they are following the path of pride and disobedience rooted in “recognize and resist” which resembles the original sin of Lucifer that lead him uttered the evil words “Non Serviam”. So, Cardinal Burke et,al did not heed the call of Pope Francis to conversion. They completely ignores Tradition and scriptures that “the voice of Peter is the Voice of Christ” (Luke10:16) instead they creating and speaking their own unauthoritative voices up to now violating Canon752 and the simple evangelical guidelines of Donum Veritatis.
      Cardinal Burke et,al are no longer one wuth Christ as they continue to oppose openly by contradicting every teachings of Pope Francis esp. those that magnify the Divine Mercy and called it “false mercy”.
      Cardinal Burke et,al is preaching the anti-gospel
      described by St.JP2 on the Final Confrontation, why?
      Pope Benedict XVI said “the heart of the gospel is Divine Mercy”.
      So, anyone who said thar Pope Francis is preaching the “false mercy” is opposing the heart of the gospel.

      @carn its a long journey for us to acquire Wisdom which Pope Francis definitely possessed by living a life of humility,simplicity and transparency like Jesus and Mama Mary.
      We can only understand Pope Francis teachings if we receive the gift of wiadom which can only be found in humility and obedience.
      Sorry, but Cardinal Burke et al wisdom does not comes from Mama Mary’s inspiration the Seat of Wisdom and the “another Advocate” according St.Liguori amd also taken the role of “Spirit of Truth” according to St.Kolbe “quasi-incarnation”.
      There are only two spirit opposing in this world, the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of errors.
      I embraced in full the Wisdom inspired to Pope Francis centered on Divine Mercy of God.
      How about you?
      “The Divine Mercy is Infinite but the Time of Mercy is Not” (Pope Francis)

      • Marie says:

        Jong- I have not read anywhere that Cardinal Caffara reconciled with Pope Francis. Do you have a source for that? I would be very happy if that is the case.

      • jong says:

        Check the article link below

        «I was born Papist, I lived as a Papist, and I mean to die a Papist! If a Bishop has a thought contrary to that of the Pope» – he concluded: «he must go away, but really he must go away from the diocese. Because he would lead the faithful into a path that is not the one of Jesus Christ anymore. Therefore, he would lose himself eternally and would risk the eternal loss of the faithful».(Cardinal Caffara)

        Caffarra’s warning was listened to very little. His words were not diplomatic at all: he did not invoke the (relativistic) right to criticise the Pope when he is wrong, and did not write lengthy pages of exceptions to Papal infallibility, justifications that one always reads in defence of every kind of insult or vulgarity towards the “heretical” Pontiff. Frontally opposing and biasedly, tenaciously, and proudly resisting against the Successor of Peter means for Caffarra taking the road to eternal damnation. Whilst the questions on Amoris Laetitia were diffused in 2016, on April 2017 Caffarra and Bergoglio met at Carpi’s Cathedral and hugged each other in a brotherly way. Five months later, the Lord called the loved Emilian Archbishop to himself, and that public gesture of affection was more eloquent than many dubia.


      • Marie says:

        Jong- Thanks so much for the link I did not realize that.

      • carn says:

        “Cardinal Caffara one of the former Dubia had reconciled with Pope Francis before his death,”

        Strange claim.

        Apparently, Cardinal Caffara met with the Pope April 2, 2017 – which might be what you mean with “reconcile” – and wrote a letter dated April 25, 2017 on behalf of also the other dubia cardinals, asking for audience and answer to the dubia.

        When and in what form did the “reconciliation” take place?

        “How about you?”

        Whatever i embrace, it cannot be your line of reasoning, cause it makes little sense and lacks coherence.


        “Conversion takes humility of heart to acknowledge one’s imperfection saying Lord I dont understand the teachings please grant me the wisdom to know your infinite mercy to obey and trust your Anointed Shepherd.”

        Been there and done that long ago. Lack of humility of heart not the problem. Lack of obedience not the problem.

        So what would you do, if doctrinal confusion were running wild in the Church, the actions of the Holy Father do not seem to decrease but increase this and your private letters do not help? Fold you hands in prayer and do nothing about the confusion, although you are a shepherd who should fight confusion?

      • jong says:

        There is no doctrinal confusions but there is a diabolical disorientation that the Council of Media is keep on shouting on the mainstream and social media by Rads Trads channel. Have you not seen how they synchronize their agenda to attack the very foundation of the Church to destroy it? They are focusing to destroy the Vicar of Christ. Let me explain it to you according to the Wisdom of God.
        In the 16th century in the name of Mama Mary the divisions of the Church grows wider as Protestants and Christian denominations ignores the Blessed Virgin Mary’s role in the economy of salvation and this grows it’s peak in the Age of Enlightenment as all Christians believers believe they can interpret the bible on their own. But, this is not the Real Schism that would create a Two Opposing Church, not even the 1054 schism, because the Orthodox Church remain in Full Communion with the Apostles Teaching as St.JP2 said “The Church has to breathe with two lungs.”
        But the Real Schism will unfold as prophesied by Blessed Fulton Sheen, and Pope Francis recently already stated that the Real Schism is already visible.
        When did real schism begun? it is prophesied first by Blessed Sheen that Satan will establish a counterfeit church that resembles the catholic tone.
        The Protestant and Christian Denomination even the Jews and Muslims and other religions will not be the enemy of the Catholic Church anymore but will eventually becomes a true brother thru fraternal charity not by unity in faith but “unity in love and mission” as Pastor Rick Warren had stated beautifully.
        So,where is the Real Schism will come from? Satan sees the opportunity in the birth of the Vatican II. The Holy Spirit breathe in the Spirit of Unity by preaching and magnifying the Infinite Mercy of God. Ofcourse Satan, breathe in also, but Satan breathe in, in the form of “smoke” or “Dubia” to cloud the visions and to sow confusions and divisions to effect the separation. We now have the Two Opposing Church. The Vatican II and the counterfeit church that only resembles catholic tone but with No Pope and Living Church Magisterium.
        How was Satan able to do his trick of clouding the visions that the Holy Spirit inspired in the Vatican II Teachings? As Pope Benedict XVI had analyzed it and said, Satan had formed a Council of Media to distort the Truth and cloud the visions. This is the meaning of “smoke of satan” and you can see this in Michael Matt channel as their introduction in all their videos, they start their videos with a “smoke”..
        Why do I have to say this, If we cannot see the root of the problems and the tactics employed by Satan as the Pope sees it starting from St,John XXIII then we will be lost in the midst of the propaganda and attack sown by the Council of Media.
        There are Two Opposing Church right now both claimed to be Catholic but one definitely is a counterfeit.

        Ab.Lefevbre had tried to form a Catholic denomination asking St.Pope Paul VI to give their group an “autonomous recognition” meaning they will not be subject to the Supreme Pontiff anymore like the Christian denomination but possessing a Catholic tone like what Blessed Sheen had described, This will be a Catholic Denomination, a catholic church but with No Pope and Church Magisterium, but ofcourse the ultimate goal of satan is among this growing group they will appoint a Pope that will become the Anti-Pope.. Imagine they are celebrating a Holy Mass and uttering the Name of their appointed Pope?
        Now ofcourse Satan goal was to takeover the Chair of Peter, that’s why Satan is using the Council of Media to try every desperate plot to oust the True Pope, they even committed a fatal mistake by assasinating St.JP2 mistaking him as the Bishop Dressed in White.
        In closing, Cardinal Burke et,al had been projecting themselves as belonging to Catholic Church but embracing and propagating the evil of “recognize and resist” attitude towards the Pope. Why I said evil? Because “recognize and resist” attitude resembles the original sin of Lucifer that made the fallen angels uttered the words “Non Serviam”, and this is actually what the Rad Trads had been shouting “Non Serviam”.
        To know fully and clearly how Mama Mary describes the operation of Satan thru Rad Trads who are now using Her Name to effect confusions and divisions in the Vatican II Church by attacking the Vicar of Christ, read the Blue Book of Fr.Stefano Gobbi.

      • carn says:

        I guess the best thing we can do for each other is pray for each other.

        Your suggestion that the protestants are not really in schism and that “Muslims and other religions” will have a unity of mission with the Church and the Pope, shows that we view a few things too differently to communicate in a fruitful way.

        Just one thing:
        “as Pastor Rick Warren had stated beautifully.”

        Warren stated:


        “But the most important thing is if you love Jesus, we’re on the same team.
        “The unity that I think we would see realistically is not a structural unity but a unity of mission. And so, when it comes to the family we are co-workers in the field on this for the protection of what we call the sanctity of life, the sanctity of sex, and the sanctity of marriage. So there’s a great commonality and there’s no division on any of those three.”

        Sounds like RIck Warren has for mission something, wich LifeSiteNews would like.

  2. ONG says:

    Happy Holy Trinity Sunday to everyone!


    “The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity tells us that we do not have a solitary God up there in heaven, far away; He is the Father who gave us his Son, who became man like us, and who sends his own Spirit to be even closer to us.”

    – Pope Francis –

  3. Marie says:

    Carn- You say of Cardinal Burke ” He is trying to address “almost universal doctrinal confusion and disorientation” in the Church and thinks that the usual “ways to address that issue” FAILED and/or DO NOT WORK and therefore chooses other ways” Did it work? Do the confused feel better now, and are they free of confusion/ The truth is there is no confusion in the Church but rather amongst a small group within the Church who are convinced they know better than the Pope. As well, the usual way to address confusion is NOT to demand correction.

    Where do people normally turn when they are confused about something? I think the first place to go would be to those who are not confused. But it seems that hasn’t stopped their confusion, for they fight and argue with those who are not confused. So is it confusion or rejection? I think rejection is the more accurate term to apply to those challenged by Church teachings.

    Where else would one look at diminishing numbers of members of a group (or sales in the case of a business) and not seek to address what the problem is so as to fix it? The Church has been in crisis at least in North America for decades. One would think that continuing to think that the solution is to only repeat certain doctrine is at best lacking in creativity, and more so lacking in accountability. We are blessed to have Pope Francis show us where we have been lacking, and where we need to go to get on the path Christ wants us on. Yes, we need priests and bishops that believe in the faith, and lead by example. We also need to be honest enough to see where we have not made gains and be open to seeing how we can approach things differently so as to win the hearts of those who do not see the truth for what it is (such as abortion, euthanasia, sexuality). We didn’t need Pope Francis to see we needed help in this, as numbers don’t lie (lower attendance at mass, support for abortion, etc) But we did get Pope Francis, and what a blessing he is to the world. He is clearly showing us what needs to be done. How fantastic is that! How unfortunate there are those trapped within a closed mindset, that despite the gift of Pope Francis, they are unable to see or hear.

    Mike- Loved reading both Patheos articles. Thanks.

    • carn says:

      “Where do people normally turn when they are confused about something?”

      In the Catholic Church to the Pope, who in principle can resolve confusion by naming what is within Catholic Teaching and what is not.

      “Where else would one look at diminishing numbers of members of a group (or sales in the case of a business) and not seek to address what the problem is so as to fix it?”

      In a group in which the founder specified that his disciples are to teach all that he taught them and

      in which the founder specified that if one finds rejection that – after some trying – one should leave the place to its rejection (meaning no adjusting the message AND meaning that rejection will happen and one should not worry too much about it) and

      in which the founder indicated that one day his true disciples will number only few.

      Such a group would in case of diminishing numbers only try so far to alter things to counter diminishing numbers, but would stick with what has been taught even if it lead to ending up a small group.

      “The Church has been in crisis at least in North America for decades. One would think that continuing to think that the solution is to only repeat certain doctrine is at best lacking in creativity, and more so lacking in accountability.”

      You are aware that the Church in Germany is since decades already trying an approach that is anything but repeating certain doctrines but is failing at least as miserable or even more miserable than the Church in US?

      “We didn’t need Pope Francis to see we needed help in this, as numbers don’t lie (lower attendance at mass, support for abortion, etc)”

      Since you measure success in numbers, are there any numbers showing that the approach of Pope Francis works?

      As in mass attendance, support for abortion, etc.

      • Marie says:

        I do not measure success is numbers, I just recognize that clearly the message was not getting through. That is just logic. I have not suggested the teachings change, I have suggested the APPROACH change. There is a big difference.

        If you suggest it is the pope you should turn to resolve your confusion, “by naming what is within Catholic teaching and what is not”, he has, and has all along, and you are still confused. So where do you go now? Did Cardinal Burke not clear your confusion? Lets be honest about it. It is NOT confusion, it is REJECTION, and there is no place to go for that.

        You claimed to be confused by Jong, etc, but you never asked for clarification, or say I don’t understand this or that. You simply say you are confused, but it appears you have no desire to leave that state. That is not confusion, that is simply rhetoric.

    • Mary Angelica says:

      Marie, you state: “The truth is there is no confusion in the Church but rather amongst a small group within the Church who are convinced they know better than the Pope. ”

      This isn’t quite true. Even if the Pope himself is teaching the truth (and I think her basically is, though 8 have other questions about him) , there are many in his inner circle that are going beyond what he taught and what the Church teaches in the implementation of Church teaching. The German hierarchy is not being faithful, even to AL. Neither are certain American bishops. The confusion isn’t even so much about the texts themselves, but about the fact that so many Church leaders aren’t teaching the faith properly, and they are committing opposite errors over the heads of the faithful. Ex: I think WPI has the right idea behind AL… I’ve yet to see a single bishop’s conference or individual bishop spell it out as clearly or accurately as they do though.

      Here’s the thing. It’s not just the pope, but also the bishops who are tasked with teaching their flock. While it’s a good thing to become steeped in the documents produced by the magesterium, the average pious Catholic shouldn’t have to look to the Pope alone, with the nuance of an academic, to remain faithful. He will typically expect to have his bishop. Or even his pastor, as a reliable guide. If you are an academic minded type, you should at least be able to see consistency between past and current papal teaching.

      Right now, you have got Burkes and your Schnieders putting forth things that may be seen as going against the Pope (though oddly enough, there was little that I saw that directly contradicts him…). You also have you Marxes, Daneels, etc., who are going in an opposite direction. We can say both are wrong, and yet one group is rather chummy with Pope Francis. The other is not. Francis might thread the needle of orthodoxy in his official writings, but his actions belie the notion that the traditionalist faction is more wrong than what seems to ne a far more extensive “worldly” faction. And a Catholic seeking guidance from one like the likes of cardinal Marx is going to get very different guidance than even Pope Francis would give.

      • Marie says:

        Mary Angelica- I agree with you. Sadly, my love for Pope Francis does not spread to the bishops and priests. There, I feel completely abandoned and misguided, even to the point of first hand experience within my family of sexual abuse by a priest, and the role clericalism played that allowed it to happen. The wounds are deep. It is Pope Francis that has, for the first time in a while, brought hope, as the message of the Catholicism I have always known is finally being exposed, I guess because it is being fought so openly by those so opposed to the message.

        I am well aware of those who misrepresent the meaning of his teachings, whether that be a Cardinal Burke or Cardinal Marx type, and the harm this does, and has done is immeasurable . I genuinely have never been able to understand how I can understand, yet those who have far more knowledge and education in theology, and are tasked to teach their flock can not. I simply accept that I will never understand how this is possible.

        I agree that the lack of harmony within the Church needs to change. The confusion, however is not coming from Pope Francis. The extent of those within the hierarchy who seem to lack a full understanding of the true meaning of Catholic teaching is troublesome and disheartening. We can only hope that the changes the Pope is bringing will somehow also fix this in time, as this is not something that can change overnight. This has been years in the making, and will take years, or a miracle to undo. In the meantime, the Pope must deal with who he has, and will continue to face situations where a bishop appears to understand, yet then says something totally out of sync with Catholic teaching, or is evasive rather than firm.

        I was thrilled to see a sign outside a parish the other day that said ‘open’. I also heard of a parish that said part of mass outside last week, so that the people walking and driving by can see. The priest told the parishioners Pope Francis wants us to go to the people, and that was his way of trying. In both instances it offered me hope, that the priests too want and need hope and guidance. These actions offer us hope. The message is getting through.

      • ONG says:

        Wonderful, Marie…
        We will continue our apostolate in defending the Holy Father and to explain the essence of the Faith!

        Many blessings to you and to all of those “whom the Lord is pleased with” (aka “those of good will”).
        Keep up the good work!

      • jong says:

        Mary Angelica
        Let me share to you why other Cardinals and Bishops the likes of Burke and Schneider are still confused, why?
        Pope Francis teaching is centered on the Infinite Mercy of God, and this teaching transcends orthodoxy and it cannot be explain academically especially in black and white. What is the requirement to understand the teachings like Amoris Laetetia? It needs a converted heart who knows how to pray in silence. All Bishops and Priest who will administer help to all people in irregular union will need the Gift of Discernment to be docile to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Meaning Bishops and Priest have no faculties to see the conditions of every human heart, they need the Gift of Discernment and Pope Francis cannot teach it, they all must seek it.
        Amoris Laetetia is just the surface, it is really God’s way of preparing the Church to Face the Final Confrontation. All Cardinals and Bishops must be docile to the voice of the Holy Spirit as every Diocese will be subject to satan’s attack and even a direct attack of the Bishop’s character. A fallen priest means a Parish is destroy, a fallen Bishops means a Diocese had been conquered and a fallen Cardinal means Satan has set it’s foot on the Church Hierarchy and it will have a devastating effect on the Church. No Priest No Sacraments is the ultimate plan of satan.
        Pope Francis when he addressed all the Dissenters and confused Cardinals, his answer to all of them as the Chief Shepherd received the inspiration from the Holy Spirit is, Conversion. Why?
        The Holy Spirit help must be implore by all the Bishops in these end times, any Bishops who are not docile to the voice of the Holy Spirit will be defeated. God Permissive Will allowed the Church to be infiltrated but the numerous Bishops was caught in slumber and are not living a life of humility, simplicity and transparency.
        Pope Francis in his timely homily reminded all the Bishops how to defeat Satan the Great Accuser who is now unchained to uncover their past errors and sins. The Bishops must live closer to the people and must smell like the sheep to eliminate the vice of Clericalism.
        In short, the language of Amoris Laetetia cannot be understand academically nor orthodoxy is sufficient, the confusions can only be clear if all the Bishops will seek conversion to receive the gift of understanding from the Holy Spirit.
        If all Bishops will seek conversion and learn the prayer of silence to be docile, then all the Dissenters and Dubia will be cleared and all of them will grasp the wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit to Pope Francis in these end times.
        “The Divine Mercy is Infinite but the Time of Mercy is Not” that’s why Pope Francis is doing everything to reach out to all the lost and wounded souls making the Church a field hospital and making effort to unite all other faith and religions in fraternal charity.
        Pope Francis is the Greatest Pope in 2000 years Church History, as no Pope had faced this magnitude of Church Crisis and fighting Satan Unchained.
        Pope Francis was inspired to use Amoris Laetetia to separate the Obedient Prelates & Clergy from the Disobedient, why?
        The Final Confrontation is already happening, Pope Francis like Gideon need only a handful of Obedient Bishops and Priest to defeat Satan, his demons and his cohorts in this battle. All disobedient Cardinals & Bishops is just an extra baggage in this war.

      • M. says:

        Can’t find it either carn… maybe he took it down for some reason.

      • Mary Angelica says:

        Marie, the way Francis has contributed to the confusion is in how he associates with the Marx types. He easily condemns the rhetoric of the Burkes and the Schnieders, and demotes them from congegations. OK, I guess. What does he do with the Marxes and the Daneels, though? He puts them in charge of synods and brings them to his inner circles. It is not the fault of Francis that these cardinals are doing what they do, but It is his fault that he promotes them, especially if the evil they might promote is way more widespread. It is strange, mind you that the promotions are not promotions of the peripheries. These dudes are old school Vatican influencers, and from wealthy but spiritually dead European (German) churches. If they have the smell of their sheep, it is because they are wolves on the hunt for their tax money.

        I do not condemn, I heartily agree with, in fact, the idea of going to the marginalized, those in the peripheries, going to the people, and having the smell of your sheep. I don not have a problem with nearly anything that Pope Francis says when I think about it, and have learned much from him even on issues that rub me the wrong way at first. My impression, however, is that these figures are anything but that. They couch their heresies precisely under those terms though, which makes them so dangerous.

        Jong, Mercy does not override orthodoxy, because mercy is the central message of the Gospel, and so the doctrine of mercy is at the core of Catholic orthodoxy. To oppose those two is precisely what the Burkes and the Schnieders are against, and it reflects a flawed conception of what mercy is. I have distanced myself from the “Burke” camp, because I find some of what they are doing to not be in good faith. But their flaws do not negate what was originally, and still is, a valid concern.

  4. carn says:


    Anybody knowing where the post of Scott Eric Alt, that was linked in some other comment section and was specifically about the “declaration of truths” went?


    It is no longer on the blog:

    But i read it, so it existed.

  5. ONG says:

    Spanish/Italian readers –
    Here a “New Book” on the “conspiracies”:

    Libro di Marco Politi:


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