Greg Daily provides us with a fresh historical perspective on the Amoris Laetitia controversy. Dissenters may claim to defend the tímeles Catholic view on marriage, but Trent actually introduced novelties that were resisted at first by some of the concilliary Cardinals. However, even these eventually obeyed, out of respect for the Pope.

Papal critics have been attacking Pope Francis for not allowing the USCCB to vote on measures on the abuse scandal. They claim it’s inconsistent with Francis’ calls for greater synodality. But why has Francis done this? Is it really a non-synodal decision? And have the American Bishops done everything Francis has asked them to do? Here are some facts that have gone unnoticed in the midst of the polemics: Why Pope Francis was right to halt the US Bishops.

Vatican News interviews Fr. Zollner, one of the priests on the Organizing Committee for the next Vatican meeting in February to globally address the abuse scandal. Why is this meeting important? And what is being done to ensure its success?

Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge the elephant in the roomy—if a person objects to a teaching from a Pope, it’s not because that person is faithful to the “true” Church. Rather the person is a dissenter from the obedience required. Read more on If I Might Interject.

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