This is a Michael Lofton appreciation post. For those of you who are not familiar with him or his YouTube channel, Reason and Theology, Lofton is a convert to Catholicism and a graduate student in theology from Louisiana who has undergone a journey of understanding since he first entered the Church a little over a decade ago.

Having been a self-described “radical traditionalist” in the past, a few years ago Lofton began to study how the Catholic Church understands concepts like ecclesiology, authority, Magisterium, and development of doctrine. He has undergone a process of conversion as his eyes have opened to the contradictions and inconsistencies that undergird the reactionary Catholic and traditionalist movements. I’ve been impressed by the charity, humility, and intellectual honesty he’s shown when engaging in apologetics and interviewing others on his YouTube channel.

Even though he and I have differences of opinion about various issues (he tends to be much more critical of Pope Francis on prudential matters than I am, for example), I respect him as a sincere Catholic who is deeply concerned about clarity and truth.

Over the past week, he’s done great work in dispelling the lies that have been spread about Pope Francis’s teaching, Cardinal Fernandez, and the Synod. He’s taken the time to explain these matters clearly for Catholics who care about the truth.

He’s been able to respond to these controversies much faster than we have at WPI. (We have some articles coming, don’t worry!)

If you appreciate the work he’s doing, consider becoming a Patron of his apostolate. He’s providing a valuable service to many Catholics.

I’m posting these videos here in chronological order. His facial expressions in the thumbnail images crack me up. (Descriptions are from the YouTube channel.)

Cardinals Send ‘Dubia’ to Pope Francis!

Michael Lofton examines the controversy of two new dubia that erupted today (October 2nd)! He reviews a timeline of events in relation to the dubia, and also examines the questions that were asked. He then analyzes Pope Francis’ response to the July dubia.

Will the Dubia Cardinals Stop This Chaos?

Michael Lofton addresses the collateral damage done after one day of the release of two Dubia by five cardinals. He covers Cardinal Fernandez’ assessment of how the five cardinals conducted themselves. Michael then asks his own Dubia to the five cardinals.

Amoris Laetitia Dubia ANSWERED!!!

Michael Lofton covers the response of the Vatican to Cardinal Duka’s Dubia on Amoris Laetitia. This is a monumental event as it is a response to the 2016 Dubia on Amoris Laetitia and puts to rest all of the false claims made about Amoris and Pope Francis on communion for divorced and remarried couples.

Pope Francis Opens Door to Blessing Gay Unions?

Michael Lofton examines Pope Francis’ response to 5 cardinals and their dubia. He analyzes the pope’s response concerning blessing same-sex unions and questions the common narrative prevalent on social media that says Pope Francis endorsed blessing same-sex unions.

Pope Francis Calms the Synod Fear Storm While Others Peddle Fear and Falsehoods

Michael Lofton compares Pope Francis’ calming of people’s fears about the synod to others who are fanning the flames and stirring up fear and controversy based on misinformation.

Secret Footage About the Synod on Synodality EXPOSED!

Michael Lofton reveals new secret footage about the inner workings surrounding the Synod on Synodality in a video you do not want to miss!!!

The Pope’s Clown Mass During the Synod?

Michael Lofton addresses the fake news that Pope Francis participated in a clown mass during the opening of the Synod on Synodality. Michael briefly reviews videos by “That Black Catholic Chick” and her recent misrepresentation of Pope Francis on same-sex blessings. He then examines Ben Shapiro’s recent video about Pope Francis and same-sex blessings. Ben presents the pope as opening the door to blessing same-sex unions and is puzzled by this behavior as it is contrary to Scripture. Michael Lofton sets the record straight and raises some concerns about the journalistic practices at the Daily Wire.

Ben Shapiro Gets Pope Francis Wrong Again

Ben Shapiro reviews an article about Pope Francis’ private response to Cardinal Burke’s questions about same-sex blessings. Ben presents the pope as opening the door to blessing same-sex unions and is puzzled by this behavior as it is contrary to Scripture. Michael Lofton sets the record straight and raises some concerns about the journalistic practices at the Daily Wire.

Cardinal Mueller Strawmans Cardinal Fernandez

The former head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Mueller, strawmans the current head of the dicastery, Cardinal Fernandez, with a position about the papal magisterium that he did not propose. Michael examines Cardinal Mueller’s interview with Raymond Arroyo on The World Over and shows where the interview was one grand act of bearing false witness against the pope and Cardinal Fernandez. Michael also addresses Raymond Arroyo’s misrepresentations of Amoris Laetitia and Pope Francis’ recent comments about it.

Cardinal Burke’s Comments on Pope Francis on The World Over

Michael Lofton reviews Cardinal Raymond Burke’s video interview with Raymond Arroyo on The World Over. He specifically analyzes his comments about Pope Francis, gay blessings and the synod on synodality.


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