«In the light of Our Lady of La Salette’s message, you give an important place to the ministry of reconciliation. This Jubilee year is a privileged opportunity to rediscover the fullness of the mercy of God, who wants to reconcile man to himself and to his brothers and sisters. In fact, “the Church, as a reconciled and reconciling community, cannot forget that at the source of her gift and mission of reconciliation is the initiative, full of compassionate love and mercy, of that God who is love and who out of love created human beings; and he created them so that they might live in friendship with him and in communion with one another”»

 — Pope St. John Paul II, Address to the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, May 4th, 2000

On my last May article against Marian misappropriations by papal critics, I thought I should talk about La Salette. These apparitions are another favorite for the dissenter community, since Melanie Calvat (one of La Salette’s visionaries) has reportedly said:

Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.

Dissenters like to believe “Rome” means the Vatican, so that they can spread their quasi-protestant narrative about the hierarchy being in apostasy, which would mean they are the only true remnant of Catholicism left. In this narrative, then, the Antichrist can only be the Pope (again, a very protestant thought)… especially a Pope they disagree with.

However, when doing research for this article, I discovered that the heavy lifting had already been made by apologists Jimmy Akin, whose Catholic Answers “La Salette: Sorting fact from fiction” I suggest reading in full.

Basically, the bullet points from Mr. Akin’s article are as follows:

  • Rome may well refer to the town, not the Church (and, if I may add, since these prophecies are usually shrouded by symbolism, Rome can also be a reference to the pagan and murderous empire that crucified Our Lord)
  • Apostasy does not mean heresy, or even heterodoxy; Conspiracy theorists that abide by the Great Apostasy of the Church narrative simply like to call apostasy to whatever it is they don’t like
  • Melanie Calvat’s secret about the Antichrist contain many things that were later added on, many of which have been demonstrably false.

On my end, I would like to again restate the central argument on all these articles I have published this month about Marian apparitions: The Church does not force us to believe in any private revelation, but we are bound as Catholics to the teachings issued by the Pope on faith and morals; Therefore it is illogical that our salvation as Catholics should hinge on us heeding a private revelation urging us to disobey the Pope.

Ergo, any interpretation of a Marian apparition that talks about an apostasy involving the Church, namely the Pope, must mean 2 things: either the Marian apparition is false, or the interpretation is incorrect. Since Fatima and La Salette have been deemed worthy of belief by the Church (which means the Church doesn’t think belief in those apparitions is wrong per se), going so far as having popes visiting the shrines of those apparitions, then the most obvious explanation is that the interpretation given by papal dissenters must be bogus. And since we know papal dissenters have an ulterior motive to spread those wrongheaded interpretations, this just reinforces the likelihood that they are incorrect.

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Pedro Gabriel, MD, is a Catholic layman and physician, born and residing in Portugal. He is a medical oncologist, currently employed in a Portuguese public hospital. A published writer of Catholic novels with a Tolkienite flavor, he is also a parish reader and a former catechist. He seeks to better understand the relationship of God and Man by putting the lens on the frailty of the human condition, be it physical and spiritual. He also wishes to provide a fresh perspective of current Church and World affairs from the point of view of a small western European country, highly secularized but also highly Catholic by tradition.

La Salette and the true meaning of apostasy

3 Responses

  1. jong ricafort says:

    Your article is quite short and somehow not really certain, I do understand because Apostles warn us in 2Peter1:20 “no prophecy are of private interpretation”…But somehow were given a hint which a faithful can lift-up to God for prayerful reflections.
    Allow me to share my personal reflection on this…
    The Mystery of Iniquity dates back AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS, when Satan works was defeated and man freed from slavery to sin.
    So, Satan and his demons were all wanted to go to hell, they thought it’s finished..But God said, wait NO!…Satan and his demons must do the bidding of God again in the Salvation of Man..
    And Satan had to wait for the script in what role he is going to follow.And the script/bible was written in 65AD…so Satan study his role carefully and his favorite verse is the Thessalonian and Luke Prophecy “The Mystery of Iniquity”
    God knew satan wants to be adored/worship by all men and seeing that as a possibility in God’s Providence…satan lust for it to happen by destroying the Church, but in 1884 something happened. What is that? It’s the Age of Mary and the Miraculous Medal and Lourdes Apparition is the turning point why satan trembled and fly quickly to God to seek clarification as seen by the vision of Pope Leo XIII.Satan thought that Mama Mary in 1884 is about to end his reign showing the signs Genesis3:15 in the Miraculous Medal.But God said NO!…in fact God granted more powers to satan as an incentive to try to destroy the Church from within, so satan is motivated once again, not knowing fully that God plans was CCC675 & CCC677…the Church as the Mystical Body must undergo the same path Jesus suffered as the Head of the Church for a Glorious Resurrection…So that the Head/Jesus & the Mystical Body/Church must be united Gloriously after suffering the same persecutions,passions,crucifixion & death.
    Now, here is my take as Luke.Thessalonian and La Salette had somehow been interpreted that an Anti-Christ will take over the Seat of Peter…
    I agree with this in the three scenario as Mama Mary said in the End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph so here it goes;
    1. Satan head will be crush near the Seat of Peter just when he was about to take-over.
    2. Satan will be proclaimed Anti-Christ and will Seat at Peter and a brief moment of men’s worship before Mama Mary appear to crush his proud head.
    3. Or Satan will enjoy 3 1/2 years of his reign as Anti-Christ seating in Rome enjoying adoration of men in Black Masses in Latin ofcourse, Novus Ordo will not delight him before his head will be crush.
    I will say I’m inclined to believe scenario 1 because of Matthew16:18, just when satan/anti-christ was about to take-over the Seat of Peter Mama Mary will appear in visible form CRUSHING his proud head for all the people to see how great the power of God bestowed on the Woman.
    And the 5th Dogma will be proclaimed and the Remnant Church( Marian faithfuls loyal to Pope & Church) and the rest of other faith still alive will enter the Eucharistic Reign for a thousand years in the New Paradise…
    What is the purpose of the thousand years in the New Paradise?….to be continued…Godbless

    • Anne Lastman says:

      Heavens above Jong Ricafort you attribute much power to satan!
      He calls in and duscusses with God his next chapter?
      And be careful that you are doing beatifully the work of strengthening the belief of protestantism that Roman Catholics “worship” Mary.
      We love and honour her role in the drama of salvation but we do not worship her.
      Mother Mary’s greatest role was her yes to beginning the work of salvation and by setting her Son off on his journey to the point/moment of salvation , that is, the cross.
      Mary fulfills the “type” of Abraham and Sarah where Abraham concedes to sacrifice his son Isaac but Sarah doesnt know so she does not give consent.
      Abraham represents God and Sarah is represented by Mary.
      God does not prevent His own precious son from sacrifice like Issac was spared
      Mary openly gives consent(Cana) to send her son, with his face set resolutely towards Jerusalem and towards His sacrifice. Unlike Sarah who either didnt know about the sacrifice of her son Isaac or would not give consent.
      To return to apostasy and our holy father Pope Francis and the calumnous names applied to him “false prophet” or “antichrist “ that’s a lie of satan. Thats’s a distraction.
      Satan must mimic the life and works of Jesus therefore he must come out of Jerusalem not Rome. Even Jesus prophesised that he came in His Father’s name and was not accepted but one would come in his own name whom they would accept.
      The antichrist must come out of Israel and it is they who must reject him first and declare Jesus as the true Messiah “Baruch ha baba Shem Adonai”.

      • jong ricafort says:

        Anne Lastman:
        Your False statement & Accusations :
        I never said the following false accusations coming from you:
        1.Heavens above Jong Ricafort you attribute much power to satan!
        2.And be careful that you are doing beatifully the work of strengthening the belief of protestantism that Roman Catholics “worship” Mary.
        Sorry you are clearly IMPOSING your OWN view that Catholics worship Mary…and I never glorified satan…NO WAY!.. in fact The Woman that you downgrade is the one who will CRUSH the proud head of satan.(Genesis3:15)
        And you clearly downgrade the Role of Mama Mary in Man’s Salvation by NOT acknowledging and honoring the God given role to the Woman.
        After the Fall of Adam & Eve.God is the one who declares WAR an ENMITY. God the Father gave mankind only TWO CHOICES.
        What is that CHOICE?(Genesis3:15)
        Woman vs. serpent, and NOT Jesus vs. serpent..WHY? satan would cry it’s UNFAIR (Almighty God vs. fallen angel, Creator vs. creature)…so God said NO! its between YOU vs. Woman (Obedience vs. Disobedience, Pride vs. Humility)
        So only TWO CHOICES;
        Either you belong to the Woman as her offspring as Jesus became the firstborn or you belong to the serpent as his offspring/cohorts.
        Now, who do you belong Woman or serpent?
        Remember separating Jesus to the Woman would contradict the Holy Decree set by God Himself.
        So, Can you tell me, who do you belong Woman or serpent?

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