Exciting news! One of our original WPI contributors, Pedro Gabriel, has just published a new fantasy novel!

Dumah, a world forsaken by the stars.
A Great Silence curses the land.
A princess is born in strange circumstances.
A secret lays hidden inside her.
What is it? And how can the Silence be broken?
Within these pages, a world of fantasy and myth awaits

Entitled Ironcraft, this is Pedro’s first novel in the English language, although he has published novels in the past in Portuguese (and of course honed his English writing skills right here at Where Peter Is). This is hopefully the first in a series, the Chronicles of Dumah. The description:

In the beginning, a peaceful race of giants populated the world of Dumah. But a sylphid, a spirit from the stars, came down from the heavens to deliver a dreadful prophecy: a new race of beings, called men, will one day dethrone the giants and destroy them. To protect them from this threat, the sylphid will teach the giants the art of ironcraft. But this gift will unleash war upon the land of mortals, as the giants try to conquer a mythical city where men are foretold to appear…

Congratulations, Pedro!

Please also check out his website, thedumahproject.com and follow this project on Twitter and Facebook!

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