One year ago, I posted a series of articles on Mary, especially Fatima. I explained why the exploitation of Mary by papal dissenters was wrongheaded. You can see the most relevant articles here and here.

One year later, not much has changed. I published a couple of articles defending my Christian brethren of the Amazon from unfounded accusations of paganism ginned up to attack the Holy Father. The most recent of these articles was published on October 13th, the anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima in 1917, the day of the Miracle of the Sun, when the sun danced in the sky above tens of thousands of eyewitnesses. The date of publication was not chosen on purpose. Most of of the article was already written two days before, but a business trip and my birthday prevented me from publishing it earlier.

Fatima was on the way home from my trip, and my wife insisted she wanted to attend Sunday Mass in Fatima on that special date of October 13th. At that time, the article had not yet been posted online. My mind was preoccupied with the online accusations that I was promoting a blasphemous and sacrilegious image of the Blessed Mother. I did not want to go to Fatima, because I was tired from the previous week. It was a long trip. I also dislike large crowds and was concerned that there would be too many people there. Still, my wife insisted and I wanted to make her happy, so I acquiesced.

I am glad that I gave this gift to my wife, because it was actually a gift to me. Nothing of what happened was initially chosen or planned by me.

Since most of the celebrations had taken place from the evening of the 12th through noon on the 13th, Fatima was almost empty by the time we arrived there, at 6:30 pm. We found a parking spot right next to the place where the next Mass was going to take place: the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, the place where we got married. Everything was falling into place very smoothly.

But what struck me was the actual Mass. At first I was distracted, with the accusations of the critics constantly revolving around in my head; the accusations the critics had been throwing against me and my Amazonian brothers and sisters for an entire week. But the Word of God woke me up from this rumination. Specifically, the Gospel reading. I could not believe what I was hearing!

The Gospel reading echoed through the vastness of the Basilica, right into my ears:

“Thou art Peter; and upon this rock will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.”

In the course of the homily, I learned that October 13th was not only the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, but also the anniversary of the dedication of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary. So, of course, the homily was about how stone temples are a prefiguration of the actual Temple of God, the living Church made out of living stones, which we all are. Among those living stones, Peter takes a prominent place, for he is the rock upon which Jesus built His Church.

The priest then went on to say: “Fatima is intertwined with Peter. Since the beginning of this devotion, Fatima has been linked with the Successor of Peter, be it Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI or Francis.”

Memories came gushing into my mind. I remembered being a child in 1991 and seeing the discolored TV images, typical of that time period, of John Paul II’s visit to Portugal. I remember thinking at that time that the Pope had never been so close to me. I then remembered the pilgrimage of Benedict XVI in 2010, the first time I saw a Pope in person. And I remembered the most recent visit of Francis to the same site. Yes, it was a fact, Fatima and Popes had always been connected in my mind. The former boosted the faith of which the latter was the Visible Head. And the latter confirmed the former. It was a relationship of friendship. Whenever Fatima and Popes were together, I could feel the aura of holiness and otherworldliness in the air.

In other words, Fatima cannot be separated from the Pope. Mary and Peter are allies, not enemies. You cannot pit one against the other.

When I left Mass, I scrolled down my Twitter feed, and found numerous Catholic public figures crying out against the image of Our Lady of the Amazon, invoking October 13th and Our Lady of Fatima in their imprecations. Soon afterward, Mike Lewis gave the go-ahead for the publication of the article. I asked him if we should wait for Monday, and he replied that some part of him pulled him to publish it right away. October 13th as a Marian date did not come up in our editorial conversation. After it was posted, other detractors were quick to criticize me for publishing the article on this special date. They said I should spend my time studying Fatima instead.

In response, I have decided to share this lesson that Fatima taught me on that special day. It was not a lesson that I sought. It was not something I set up. It was something that I needed to hear, even if I didn’t know it, because I needed to relay it to my readers. Here is the message that I got from Fatima: Fatima and Popes are intertwined. You cannot divorce one from the other. Mary and Peter are friends. They are united by their love for Christ.

In other words, the only blasphemous and sacrilegious depiction of Mary that is being advanced today is the false and non-approved “Our Lady of the Roman Apostasy.” The distorted vision of Our Lady that seeks to separate that which cannot be separated. This false image is not Our Lady, but an impostor that comes from the Divider, called the diabolus in Latin. Remain with Mary instead, by remaining with Peter.

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Pedro Gabriel, MD, is a Catholic layman and physician, born and residing in Portugal. He is a medical oncologist, currently employed in a Portuguese public hospital. A published writer of Catholic novels with a Tolkienite flavor, he is also a parish reader and a former catechist. He seeks to better understand the relationship of God and Man by putting the lens on the frailty of the human condition, be it physical and spiritual. He also wishes to provide a fresh perspective of current Church and World affairs from the point of view of a small western European country, highly secularized but also highly Catholic by tradition.

Fatima: Where Mary and Peter meet

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  1. Lazarus says:

    Fatima brought me in the Church and I’ve spent year thinking about it. The third secret is what is revealed. The third secret is about a persecution of the Church where many Catholics are killed before God sends the angelic pope and great monarch.

    Remember that Jacinta had a vision of the pope where they hurled rocks and insults as him. It seems to me that many of the people who think that they are “defending the Church” are part of the persecutors in the visions. Politicians who don’t support the views on the economy, social inclusion or the environment will realize they have to create a church more to their liking by engineering a schism and persecuting those still faithful to the real Holy Father. In the other church if the don’t like their pope or agree with him they can always depose him for not towing the party line.

  2. Rita Michele says:

    Pedro, please remember when you are criticized what an important ministry you are providing here. In my last comment, about the tree planting ceremony, I said I felt weary, and that is a word others used in their comments as well. Keep yourself tucked under Mary’s mantle, and you will have the strength and fortitude you need to keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Marie says:

    What a beautiful example of how an act of love and kindness towards your wife can bring such unexpected comfort. Our dear Lord was listening to you 🙂 There is no question the heat is on those of you at WPI, as the attacks are now relentless. I’m sorry for your pain but so very grateful for the comfort you provide us, who more and more feel surrounded by total insanity. Kindness has been replaced by viciousness, but truth and goodness will prevail. Stay strong, for there are countless others you are helping that you will never be aware.

  4. jong says:

    Nice to hear your profound and inspired reflections on the Our Lady of Fatima and it’s relationship to all the Popes. Pope Benedict XVI started with St.Pius X when counting the Church centenary “Via Crucis” as it’s painfully embraced the Church purification for it’s glorious resurrection.
    Pedro, the interior locution of Fr.Stefano Gobbi’s whose founded Marian Movement of Priest was born in May, 13, 1972 during his pilgrimage at Fatima.
    And if you allow Our Lady’s message although long coming from the Blue Book it will give light to what had Mama Mary said about the Traditionalist acting as the Defenders of Traditions to justified their schismatic behavior & acts.
    Here are Mama Mary’s words from Fr..Gobbi’s interior locution;
    106. Only with the Pope
    August 7, 1976 First Saturday of the month
    “Today from every part of the world comes that homage which is so pleasing to my Immaculate Heart, the homage of those Priests who are consecrated to Me, of you, sons of my maternal predilection. Let yourselves be led-by Me, and you will not feel the weight of your daily difficulties. I want you in my arms, all of you given over to my Immaculate Heart, that you may thus walk toward the goal which I have set for each one of you. I have already pointed out what this goal is: to make of you Priests’ according to the Heart of Jesus. You must be truly Jesus today, for the men of your time. Jesus who speaks, and thus you will speak only the truth. The truth contained in the Gospel and guaranteed by the magisterium of the Church. Today, as darkness descends upon everything and error spreads more and more in the Church, you should direct all people to that fount from which Jesus causes his words of truth to issue forth: the Gospel entrusted to the hierarchical Church, that is to say, the Pope and the Bishops united to him. Not to individual Priests, not to individual Bishops; but only to those Priests and Bishops who are united with the Pope. Today, as Mother of the Church, how deeply the scandal, even of Bishops who do not obey the Vicar of my Son and who sweep a great number of my poor children along the path of error, wounds and pains my Heart. And therefore you should at this time proclaim to all by your words that Jesus has made Peter alone the foundation of his Church and the infallible guardian of truth. Today whoever is not with the Pope will not succeed in remaining in the truth. The seductions of the Evil One have become so insidious and dangerous that they are succeeding in deceiving almost anyone. Here even the good can fall. Here even the masters and the wise ones can fall. Here even the Priests and the Bishops can fall.
    Those will never fall who are always with the Pope. This is why I want to make you a disciplined and attentive cohort, obedient and docile even to the desires of this first of my beloved sons, the Vicar of my Jesus. Jesus who acts: you must above all relive Jesus in your life and be a living Gospel. For this I will make you ever poorer, ever more humble, ever purer, ever smaller. Do not be afraid of entrusting yourselves completely to Me. I am his Mother and yours and I know how to do only one thing for you, and that is to help you to be born and to grow up like other little Jesus’s for the salvation of all my children. When this cohort of Priests is ready then it will be the time for Me to crush the head of my Adversary and the renewed world will experience the joy of the triumph of my Heart.”

  5. jong says:

    Pedro G,’
    This message will bring light to all of us. I love this message as it really enlightened me on who are inspiring the Rad Trads.
    This is a powerful revelation and message coming from Mama Mary from the Blue Book of F.Gobbi.
    108. Your Queen and your Leader
    Your Queen and your Leader August 22, 1976 Feast of the Queenship of Mary
    "I am your Queen. The Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son and the Love of the Holy Spirit, in
    the Light of the Most Holy Trinity, have confirmed Me forever in my function of maternal royalty. This is
    my crowning glory. It is my universal royalty: Mother of the Son, Queen with the Son. I am your Leader. I
    am calling you, my beloved sons, to gather you all into my cohort, of which I myself am the Queen and
    the Leader. Therefore there should be no leader among you: you are all brothers, united in love that
    must grow ever more and more. If anyone wishes to become the greatest let him become truly the
    least. Only he who loves the most, who serves the most, who listens to Me the most, who becomes ever

    smaller to the point of disappearing in my Immaculate Heart is the one whom I myself will make ever
    greater. I am your Leader. You therefore, my beloved ones must listen to my voice, be docile to my
    teachings and above all be prompt and obedient to my orders. I want to make of you sons who want to
    obey, who always know how to obey.

    Obedience and docility: this is the livery in which I wish to attire you. I will give my orders through the
    voice of him whom my Son has appointed to govern his Church: the Pope with the Hierarchy united to
    him. How my motherly Heart is wounded and saddened today to see that some Priests and even some
    Bishops no longer obey the orders of the Vicar of my Son Jesus! Every kingdom divided against itself is
    destined to defeat and ruin. These poor sons of mine who do not obey and who rebel are already
    victims of the most subtle and insidious kind of pride and are walking towards their death. How Satan,
    my adversary from the beginning, is succeeding today in deceiving and seducing you! He makes you
    believe that you are guardians of tradition and defenders of the faith, while he causes you to be the first
    to make shipwreck of your faith and leads you, all unaware, into error. He makes you believe that the
    Pope is denying the Truth, and thus Satan demolishes the foundation on which the Church is built and
    through which the Truth is kept intact throughout the ages. He goes so far as to make you think that I
    myself have nothing to do with the Holy Father's way of acting. And so, in my name, sharp criticisms
    aimed at his person and actions are spread about. Priests, sons of my maternal predilection, be prudent,
    be attentive, be enlightened because the darkness is invading everything. How can the Mother publicly
    criticise the decisions of the Pope, when he alone has the special grace for the exercise of this sublime
    ministry? I was silent at my Son's voice; I was silent at the voice of the Apostles. I am now lovingly silent
    at the voice of the Pope: that it might be disseminated more and more, that it might be heard by all,
    that it might be received into souls. And so I am very close to the person of this first of my beloved sons,
    the Vicar of my Son Jesus. By my silence, I am helping him to speak. By my silence, I am lending strength
    to his own words. Return, return, my Priest-sons, to love, obedience and communion with the Pope'
    Only in this way can you belong to my cohort, of which I am the Queen and Leader. Only in this way can
    you hear my orders, which I will give through the very voice of the Pope. Only in this way can you fight
    along with Me for the assured victory; otherwise you are already marching toward defeat. (…) I will
    clothe you with my interior docility and you will be ever obedient; J will thus make you instruments fit
    for this battle of mine and you will see in the end my queenly victory."

    • Lazarus says:

      jong, this is exactly what is happening! Is there legal site to read these messages or must we buy a book?

      • jong says:

        Fortunately, there is a downloadable PDF on the net.
        But allow me to give you a primer on the Blue Book inspired by Mama Mary to Fr.Stefano Gobbi to write.
        For 25 years Fr.Stefano Gobbi had been receiving messages thru interior locutions and this started during the pilgrimage of Fr.Gobbi to Fatima in May 13, 1972. Fr,Gobbi passed away in June 29, 2011 and Pope Benedict XVI said “he went straight to heaven”. St.JP2 and Pope BXVI knew very well the Marian Movement of Priest founded by Fr.Gobbi. I am a member of this movement and here’s the MMP site
        About the Blue Book containing the messages, honestly speaking I bought the book 20 years ago but I only got formally became a member last 2017. Why, I’m saying this?, although a matured Christian can read and understand the book, there is a special grace if one become a member of the Cenacle and lived out the calling of the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart. The Blue Book is like a bible. Jesus Christ words were written in the gospel, in the Blue Book Mama Mary’s words were written in the Blue Book to help us identify the Church enemies and unmask their evil strategies. The way to understand the book is, God the Father sent Jesus to defeat the works of the devils (1John3:8), and in return Jesus sent all the Redeem to defeat the works also of the devils this time they are the enemies of the Church founded by Jesus Christ.
        We must fight the devils or in reality the people who belong to the “mystical body of the Antichrist” united with the Pope and not against the Pope like most of the Rad Trads had been doing.
        They claimed to defend the Holy Mother Church but they are in opposition to the Pope and worst they treated Pope Francis Magisterium as their enemies, this is their embraced “diabolical disorientation” or most if not all are suffering from this.
        The Blue Book will lead you to understand the prophecy of Ab.Fulton Sheen on the establishment of the “counterfeit church”, St.Pope Paul VI words on the “smoke of satan”, St.JP2 description on the Final Confrontation, Pope BXVI words saying that “he may not flee from the wolves, and lastly why Pope Francis is called the “Luminous Pope” and him publicly admitting in the Fatima 100th year Anniversary that he is the “Bishop Dressed in White”, but only a few recognized the significant of his words and a lot more you will discover.
        But, as I said it will be good to join the Cenacle Movement in order for you to receive the special grace to read the book by pondering it from the heart like Mama Mary. The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will lead you to unlock all the mysteries that we are expereincing in our world today especially the church crisis.
        Here’s the link to the Blue Book PDF;
        A blessed reading, and one soul joining the Cenacle is a great blessings for Pope Francis Magisterium as one defender would be enlisted to fight the mystical body of the Antichrist. Please explore the MMP site also and read the Director’s Letter for you to better understand the Mission of the MMP.
        God bless. S&IHMMP4us.Amen.

      • Lazarus says:

        I am not a priest though. I am a laity.

        I am consecrated to Mary through the DeMontfort consecration.

      • jong says:

        I am also a laity, The MMP is not only for priest, it is also for the laity and even the children can be a member. Please visit the link site. Godbless

  6. George XY Palantine says:

    I have to admit I do not even understand this. Who is saying that the Pope and Mary are at war? Nobody that I have heard. Is somebody saying that the Pope and the Virgin Mary are incompatible or do not go together? Nobody at all. The only controversy I am aware of is the appearance of a pagan idol at a ceremony on the Vatican grounds, where all bowed down to it (Not the Pope, thank God). People are quite rightly criticizing this, and some of the other eco-nuttery and liberation theology that has been on display at the Vatican. Now the Vatican today says that the idol was NOT Mary. Some papal spokesman today says that it is “a symbol of life”, whatever that means. A bit of egg on your face. “Where Peter Is”, for saying over and over again that it was Mary.

    • Pedro Gabriel says:

      “Who is saying that the Pope and Mary are at war?” You can look at a lot of papal critics using non-approved Marian apparitions and distortions of approved Marian apparitions to claim that the Pope is a heretic and the Antichrist bringing about the Great Apostasy

      On the article you are commenting I make a remark about people in social media invoking Our Lady of Fatima on Oct 13th to protest against the Pope’s allowance of the figure of Our Lady of the Amazon in the Vatican

      As for the “egg on my face”, I’m afraid it missed the mark. When you posted a comment, I had already updated my article to address that new development. It doesn’t add anything new, nor does it refute anything I said

    • Pete Vickery says:

      You’re right George. You don’t understand this. If I remember correctly from Ivereigh’s biography of Francis, Fr Jorge Bergoglio described the liberation theology type Jesuits as “whiskey sipping Marxists.” He battled the right and the left in Argentina. You really need to study a little bit more and accuse a little bit less. Pedro apparently has more charity in his heart than I do. You still need to tell us who the pagan participants are in this synod. Maybe you could respond to me and the readers here who want to know who they are. Enlighten us.

  7. Manuel Dauvin says:

    There’s no egg on anyone’s face here. The image is obviously representing quintessential womanhood which in a Christian context signifies Our Lady.
    Look at it like this; The presence of Christ in a sinners home does not lower Christ but rather elevates the home. Even if the Amazonian image was pagan… which it was not…. Paul took a pagan altar “to an unknown god” and made it the altar of the true God.
    Do you celebrate Christmas? Should we give the solstice back to the pagans? What about Easter… a word derived from Ishtar…a pagan deity.
    We are Catholic… not Jehovah witness.
    Don’t let your fear of “what will the liberals do next?” Override your wonder of “what will God do next? ”
    In my personal experience with God He perpetually brings my attention back to self improvement: even when i think someone else needs to change.
    George…we are brothers…we have beans in our eyes. Its a fact of life: it only gets awkward when we insist on removing anothers splinter.
    A for eco-nuttery…we shall see. I don’t like being yelled at by environmentalists but the message is uncomfortably true. The way man conducts himself with regard natural resources is pretty selfish and shortsighted.
    At what point would the church speak up about the immorality of this exploitation? Not at the Amazon? Where? When? Lake Karachay? Burke could invite the pope to take a dip.

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