Scheduling problems last week pushed the release of the most recent episode of The Debrief to Friday evening, so in case you missed it, the most recent episode is posted on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts (I recommend the YouTube version for the best experience because Dominic handed over the visual controls to me this week and I had a bit of fun with my new graphical powers.)

In this episode, we discussed issues that came to light on the most surreal day in the history of #CatholicTwitter: Friday, May 12, 2023.

Topics this (last) week:

  1. The ongoing saga of the “Hope Is Fuel” conference. (Note: this was recorded prior to Peter Kwasniewski announced his withdrawal. Check out Mark Shea’s recent post for details.)
  2. Bishop Joseph Strickland openly announces his rejection of Pope Francis’s “program of undermining the Deposit of Faith.” Has he finally crossed the line? Will Rome take action?
  3. Following Taylor Marshall’s recent announcement that he is running for president of the United States (yes, seriously), I share some campaign posters I designed and suggest a few potential running mates and campaign slogans he might want to consider.

Be sure to check out the links below in the show notes!

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1) Catholic speakers withdraw from “Hope Is Fuel”
2) A Texas Bishop crosses the line
3) Marshall for President?

Summary and Links:

1) Once discovering that the “Hope Is Fuel” event that they’ve agreed to headline is organized by sedevacantist Patrick Coffin and will feature E Michael Jones, a notorious antisemite, a group of Catholic speakers withdraw en masse.

– “Hope Is Fooled” by Mike Lewis (WPI): https://wherepeteris.com/hope-is-fooled/
– “‘Hope Is Fuel’ conference fans flames of controversy over antisemitic, sedevacantist Catholic headliners” by Gina Christian (OSV): https://catholicreview.org/hope-is-fuel-conference-fans-flames-of-controversy-over-antisemitic-sedevacantist-catholic-headliners/

2) Texas bishop Joseph Strickland tweets that Pope Francis is “undermining the deposit of Faith.” Is this significant? Will anything happen?

– “Texas bishop publicly rejects ‘program’ of Pope Francis” by Mike Lewis (WPI): https://wherepeteris.com/texas-bishop-publicly-rejects-program-of-pope-francis/
– “Strickland, Schism, Schneider and the SSPX” by Mike Lewis: https://wherepeteris.com/strickland-schism-schneider-and-the-sspx/
“Texas Bishop Strickland accuses Pope Francis of undermining Catholic faith” by Brian Fraga (NCR): https://www.ncronline.org/news/texas-bishop-strickland-accuses-pope-francis-undermining-catholic-faith
– “Strickland, U.S. Bishop’s Social Media Sows Division” by Christopher Lamb: https://sacredheartuniversity.typepad.com/go_rebuild_my_house/2023/05/strickland-us-bishops-social-media-sows-division.html

3) Traditionalist YouTuber declared that he is running for president of the USA. Mike suggests potential running mates and campaign slogans.

– “Taylor Marshall for Prez in 2024! The Catholic candidate whose time has come.” by Michael Sean Winters: https://www.ncronline.org/opinion/ncr-voices/taylor-marshall-prez-2024-catholic-candidate-whose-time-has-come

Intro Episode: https://youtu.be/LevSkGFqq4U
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