Here is a collection of interesting and important Church-related stories from around the globe: 

1. From Catholic News Service, new research by Msgr. Gilfredo Marengo of the Vatican’s secret archives counters the widespread myths about the composition Humanae Vitae, Bl. Paul VI’s famous encyclical on the regulation of birth. Excerpt:

“In a note to reporters, Msgr. Marengo said his research revealed four little-known facts: Pope Paul approved an encyclical, “De Nascendae Prolis” (“On a Child’s Birth”), in early May 1968, but was convinced by translators in the Vatican Secretariat of State that it still needed work; a new draft was corrected by hand by Pope Paul; on several occasions the future St. John Paul II sent suggestions, including an extensive treatment of the theme, but there is no evidence that they were used heavily in the final document; and Pope Paul asked the 199 bishops at the 1967 world Synod of Bishops to send him reflections on the theme of the regulation of births.”

2. Christopher White at Crux interviews Sweden’s first cardinal, Anders Arborelius, discussing Sweden’s role in assisting refugees and the state of the Church in Sweden. Arborelius strikes an optimistic tone in his description of the impact of the Catholic Church on the immigration debate in highly secular Sweden:

“Even if the Church does not enter directly into the debate among political parties, the proclamation of the Gospel has its own force even in a secular society. We know that people of different backgrounds still listen to the Holy Father and there are sometimes more open minds than we think. Personal witnesses and stories about persecution and suffering can still move the hearts even of politicians opposing immigration.”

3. In OSV Newsweekly, Don Clemmer investigates the Ukrainian Catholic Church, from its painful past to its hopeful present. He also discusses the role that contributions from Catholics in countries such as the US have played in helping to rebuild the infrastructure for catechesis and evangelization in the Ukrainian Church. Quoting Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk (the leader of Ukraine’s Greek Catholics for the last seven years) he writes, “Because of our evangelical position . . . our Church is very attractive. We have much to say to the Ukrainian society, and young people are attracted by the witness of our Church.”

4. Finally, here is the English translation of a note from Pope Francis to the Patriarch of Lisbon regarding the Portuguese guidelines for the implementation of Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia. Excerpt:

“This deep reflection of yours filled me with joy, as I recognised in it the effort of a pastor and father who, aware of the duty to accompany his faithful, wished to begin with his priests so that they can better fulfil their ministry.”

5. From America, the cause for sainthood for former Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe is underway.

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