In this edition of Peter’s Field Hospital, I’m joined by DW Lafferty and Nathan Turowsky. This week, we discuss the origins of some of the more obscure terms used by Archbishop Viganò in his letter to President Trump, and how they reflect contemporary conspiracy theories.

DW Lafferty presents his theory about what Viganò was trying to do by publishing this letter, and how he accomplished his goals. We also discuss the troubling fact that many ordinary Catholics seem to be embracing these theories as well.

Part 1 of 2.



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Mike Lewis is a writer and graphic designer from Maryland, having worked for many years in Catholic publishing. He's a husband, father of four, and a lifelong Catholic. He's active in his parish and community. He is the founding managing editor for Where Peter Is.

Viganò, QAnon, and the ‘Deep Church’ explained

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  1. July 16, 2020

    […] But in the world of MAGA, this is all either a lie or simply excusable because of the ridiculous Deep State/Deep Church Conspiracy, this cult now believes instead of the gospel. In the words of Abp. Vigano’s letter to Trump: […]

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