Having recently introduced/re-introduced myself at Where Peter Is, it seems appropriate to briefly touch on a troubling trend I have seen in recent years. I will do that courtesy of a flashback to the archives of my weblog from 2017…

One positive about the pontificate of Pope Francis is he is exposing many conservatives as Pharisees. One problem is Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI inadvertently gave not a few conservatives the false idea that conservatism is the Catholic Faith and that is not true at all.

We also saw from so many of these same folks a papal worship in the prior two pontificates that treated every word from the pope as some all-hallowed requirement of belief which the same folks do the exact opposite in denigrating and ignoring Pope Francis in areas not only of faith and morals but church discipline and government. Too many hypocrites about on the conservative side. It was long time to trim the boat a bit but lest I forget, those liberals who denigrated and ignored Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI but worship and exalt Pope Francis’ every hiccup are just as big a hypocrites.

Folks need to remember that the Faith is not one and the same with conservatism or liberalism. [Excerpt from Rerum Novarum (circa June 1, 2017)]

I have over twenty years of experience contributing writings in various mediums on a plethora of subjects from general Catholic and “traditionalist” style apologetics to more complex issues of a theological, philosophical, ethical, political, or social nature. My views do not fit neatly into any particular category.

I call fair balls and strikes on all subjects I write on. I do not believe in spin nor do I believe in being a mindless bot for any person or cause. (Even those I happen to support.)

Politically I could be called a Goldwater conservative in many respects, theologically I am ressourcement minded as a rule. I have roots in both the western and eastern traditions and both streams inform my outlook on ecclesial as well as other matters.

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  1. AJ Boyd says:

    Just out of curisity, where are these ” liberals who denigrated and ignored Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI but worship and exalt Pope Francis’ every hiccup” ?

    Assuming you mean inside the Church, i’m not sure such hypocrites exist. In the media, society at large, perhaps, but the reality is it was only ever the conservatives who confused neo-conservative philosophy with the Catholic faith. Liberals tend to acknowledge where their ideology and the Church are not in harmony.

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