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Another Phil Lawler Bomb: The Confusion is Self-Promotional

Another day, another Phil Lawler bomb lobbed at Pope Francis. Another online article accusing the Holy Father of undermining orthodox Catholic teaching, causing confusion in the Church, and other alarmist sensationalism. Here we go… again. Oh yes, and another concluding paragraph self-promoting Lawler’s new book. A book that paints Francis as a bad pope. As I have stated on several occasions: “The self-promotion in Phil Lawler’s neverending criticism of the Holy Father? It is not...


Urban Legends and Conspiracy Theories: A Hallmark of Papal Critics

Yet another conference headlined by American Cardinal Raymond Burke and Kazakhstan Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider was held in Rome on April 7. With the succinct title, Catholic Church: Where are you heading? Only a blind man can deny that there is great confusion in the Church, the presenters spoke on topics related to the limits of papal authority and potential courses of action that Catholics might use to try to repair the damage supposedly inflicted on...