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Walford: God Envelops the Soul Disfigured by Sin

I feel certain that this book will be helpful to families. I pray for this. These are the words of Pope Francis whose letter to Stephen Walford is included as the preface to his new book, Pope Francis, the Family, and Divorce: In Defense of Truth and Mercy. The goal of the book, as Walford states in his interview with Mike Lewis for Where Peter Is, is to defend Francis’ work, but also “offer help...


A Monster calls

And now, for something completely different. Instead of addressing issues directly related to Pope Francis, I would like to talk about one of my favorite movies: “A Monster Calls.” Why? Because I truly think this movie conveys important lessons about truth and frailty, in light of which we can read Francis’ papacy best. Basically, the movie revolves around Connor O’Malley, a boy whose mother has a terminal stage cancer. As if this weren’t enough, he needs...