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How Anti-Catholics are like Anti-Francis Catholics

The non-Catholic who happens to think the Church is wrong is different from the anti-Catholic. The former believes their own denomination is right and has been (wrongly) taught that the Church is in error. Because they believe what they have been taught, they tend to interpret what the Church does in light of what they have been taught. The latter, on the other hand, believes that the Catholic Church is an evil institution that must...


A New Year’s Resolution for Catholics: Be Critical

2019 was a turbulent year in the Church, but amid all the controversy, much was revealed. Some prominent critics of the pope, spurred on by the example of the now-discredited Archbishop Viganò, expressed themselves with rare frankness, allowing us to further discern the contours of the anti-Francis resistance, the depths of which we have still not fathomed. There is much lurking in the darkness that will come to light in the months and years to...


The insidiousness of the opposition

“Opposition to the pope is not new, but what is new is the level and intensity that is there…It’s the insidiousness of the opposition movement that I think is scandalous for us.”  Archbishop Wilton Gregory, the new archbishop of Washington, DC, made that statement last week during a panel discussion at Georgetown University. At first glance, this may seem unnecessarily polemical or dramatic. An archbishop talking about a powerful and insidious movement against the pope,...