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The Lord placed him at the head of all Churches

I was chrismated in 1995, becoming Byzantine Catholic. As a part of my journey towards the Catholic faith, I had to learn about and accept papal authority. It was a part of my profession of faith. As a Byzantine, it also meant I had to learn about the relationship of papal authority to the Eastern Churches, and what it means to be in full communion with Rome. There is a delicate balance. On one hand,...


Thanksgiving and thinking with the Church

Today we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States. Although this is a national holiday, for those of us with Catholic faith, “thanksgiving” takes on a special significance, because we know that all gifts and blessings come from God, and that the word we use for our ultimate gift, Eucharist, literally means “Thanksgiving.” The Catechism teaches: 1359 The Eucharist, the sacrament of our salvation accomplished by Christ on the cross, is also a...